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    In a heated encounter of loosely shaped units, which is believed to have lasted forty five minutes, the whigs managed to slay 14 loyalists; whereas evidently wounding many extra. Joseph Williams was prominent in the struggle, however Williams solely joined the action close to its shut; having heard the capturing going on from his residence nearby. A trendy estimate of the forces really involved in the fighting offers the loyalists 500 and the whigs 300. Writes Revolutionary War specialist Ann Brownlee (from whom most of the above information was provided): "Within a number of} days, most of them [the whigs] left for residence. On October 19th, the Field Officers of the Patriots held a Council on nearby land owned by Abraham Creson. The Council directed every one|that every one} those who had supported the Tory cause be offered a pardon, upon meeting specified circumstances. Lenear arrived in Camp, informing me of the Torries getting very troublesome in Surry, being imbodied to the variety of 3 or 400. I had some accounts on the similar time that one [Gideon] Wright, their headman, had sent in a number of} of his men into Charlotte to get a means open for them to join the British Army. thought proper, subsequently, to detach a celebration of 300 foot, with a couple of of} horses, beneath the command of Colo. Paisley [John Peasley], to endeavour to disperse them & Cut them off from Charlotte. sent them, beneath a Guard, to a home down the River, & have taken all of the precautions essential to forestall the Spreading of this Contagious dysfunction, & have requested the Justices of Salisbury to take such measures as their prudence may dictate to Secure this half of} the Country from the infection. We advanced up with all attainable pace, considering our light infantry was engaged, and found that the Virginians and Surry troops had attacked 300 Tories beneath Col. Fourteen of the enemy had been discovered lifeless on the bottom, among which had been Captains Bryan and Burke. Lakey was mortally wounded, and is now in our palms, with three extra wounded prisoners, which had been all we took. As deplorable the event, It was not, nor was it seen on the time as an isolated one and many of|and lots of} whigs felt they had been simply performing in simply retaliation for the hangings after the battle of Camden, at Augusta and elsewhere of not so distant memory. This is talked about not to palliate or excuse the ad hoc hangings however simply to a minimum of|no much less than} give them their due context. It is with nervousness I hear the complaints of the inhabitants on account of the plundering events who issue out from the camp, and indiscriminately rob both Whig and Tory, leaving our associates, I consider, in a worse scenario than the enemy would have done. I hope the officers will exert themselves in suppressing this abominable practise, degrading to the name of soldier, by keeping their soldiers shut in camp and preventing their straggling off upon our marches. Twelve area officers had been chosen to strive the militia prisoners-particularly those who had the most affect in the nation. Chitwood, and 6 others, who unfortunately fell a sacrifice to their infamous mock jury. Wilson, and 6 privates; obliging every one of their officers to attend on the demise of those brave, however unlucky Loyalists, who all, with their final breath and blood, held the Rebels and their cause as infamous and base, and as they had been turning off, extolled their King and the British Government. I should now observe that the cruelty exercised on the Prisoners taken beneath Major Ferguson is shocking to humanity; and the hanging poor old Colonel Mills, who was always a good and open Enemy to your Cause, was an act of the most Savage barbarity. But revenge for the British execution of [Adam] Cusack, and of those at Camden and Augusta, left little play for mercy or even precise justice of their trial. There had been about 150 horsemen and 30 foot, with three wagons, they usually had been joined by a small firm of militia from Guilford, and Capt. Allaire and Chesney report of violent mistreatment of prisoners, and which was not halted till Campbell issued a stern rebuke and warning to offenders. All the men had been worn out with fatigue and fasting- the prisoners having no bread or meat for two days before. The militia and prisoners alike suffering continued privation for lack of food, however had been capable of to} partly appease their hunger there. Several of the militia that had been worn out with fatigue, and not being able to|with the power to|having the power to} keep up, had been minimize down, and trodden to demise in the mire. After the get together arrived at Moravian Town, in North Carolina, we officers had been ordered in numerous houses. The Rebel officers would often go in amongst the prisoners, draw their swords, minimize down and wound those whom their wicked and savage minds prompted. During evening, which was wet, a number of|numerous|a variety of} prisoners (Allaire in his diary says 100) reportedly escape. Campbell marched eighteen miles and reached the bank of Moravian Creek not far from Wilkes Court House. A Proclamation of General Smallwood had been revealed, in which he stated that any soldier caught robbing could be dropped at the camp and hanged. This order will have a great impact, for barbarous and unjust treatment has driven many to the Tories who would gladly have remained peaceable. After Cornwallis had earlier sent out scouts to discover a appropriate location at which to base the army, Rawdon moved to Winnsborough, S. Although Winnsborough had sufficient corn and extra to feed his army, Cornwallis was noticeably poor in both wagons and groups. Besides, it was not to be anticipated that individuals, unacquainted with struggle, may point out the most eligible post to be occupied by an army performing upon the defensive. Morgan, at Salisbury, wrote on this date Gates: "I am simply setting out for Tephers, the place my detachment arrived final evening. I suppose when you can march a thousand men ready to} act with safety, and cover the nation - been very sick since I left Hillsborough, however have gotten nicely besides a really sore mouth. Smallwood [I] have had little to eat or drink besides meat & bread, no shops had been allowed me when I came away. Rosekranz might be type sufficient to take cost of it for me and have it brought on [with] his baggage. A detachment debarked the twenty second at Portsmouth, and a second was sent to Hampton Roads on the twenty third. Leslie fortified it, secured the posts of Great Bridge and Northwest Landing, whereas stationing another group close to Suffolk. Isaac Gregory with a separate drive sought to safe the move at Great Swamp that led to Edenton. Jefferson to: "The County Lieutenant of Berkeley": "Sir As various circumstances have delayed the march of Colo. It is possible that the ensuing season should be opened by appreciable aide of men to the westward. Washington to appoint model new} head of the Southern Army, with little hesitation he chosen Maj. On this the twenty second, he wrote Congress expressing the explanations for this alternative, and on the similar time wrote Greene as nicely, providing him advice, help and encouragement. In the letter to Greene, Washington stated: "Congress having been pleased by their resolution of the fifth. You will subsequently proceed at once to the Southern army, now in North Carolina, and take the command accordingly. I am aware, that the nature of the command will offer you embarrassments of a singular and sophisticated nature; however I rely upon your abilities and exertions for every thing your means will enable you to impact. I provide you with a letter to the Honorable the Congress informing them of your appointment and requesting them to provide you with such powers and such help as your scenario and the nice of the service demand. You will give him a command suited to his rank; apart from employing him as Inspector General. I want this affair to be performed with the best impartiality and with as a lot dispatch as circumstances will allow. You will, on your arrival on the army, take the sense in writing of the General Officers and different principal officers, concerning the practicability of an immediate inquiry. You will hold me continuously suggested of the state of your affairs and of every material prevalence. Rawdon, at "Camp, close to the Indian Lands, west of Cattawba [Catawba] river," to Maj. Alexander Leslie: "Lord Cornwallis not being sufficiently recovered from a severe fever which lately attacked him to be able to|be succesful of|have the power to} write to you, his Lordship has desired that I ought to have the honour of speaking with you upon the subject of the present service. A numerous army now appeared on the frontiers, drawn from Nolachucki [Nolachucky], and different settlements past the mountains, whose very names had been unknown to us.

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    Memory and Liturgy: the Place of Memory in the Composition and Practice of Liturgy. Part One addresses the sacraments generally, with a concentrate on to} the distinctive understandings of the Catholic tradition. Part Two considers the sacraments of initiation: baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist. Discussion questions are included all through the guide to stimulate additional understanding and appreciation of the liturgical lifetime of the church. Sacramental life is examined in a broader method as nicely, looking for to spotlight the methods by which humanity is invited to take part in the lifetime of the Triune God. Using a dozen subjects similar to the thing of worship, every day life as worship, the ordinances of worship, prayer as worship, and the drama of worship, the author examines both canons of scripture for insight into building a sound theology of worship. A full array of components of worship including music, scripture, prayer, offerings, proclamation, rituals, house, and management, are addressed. The authors use insights from Chauvet on fundamental theology, Scripture and sacrament, ecclesiology, liturgy and ethics, theology and the social sciences and the theological anthropology of symbolism, in their contributions. Sin and beauty are thought-about with equal seriousness as Boulton explores encountering God in worship. The bigger Christian tradition is viewed here as a supply that can assist evangelicals better understand the fullness of worship and the implications of this understanding for being church on the planet. Extensive discussion of the position of symbols is included here, with a ultimate accent on the implications for our practices. The authors study the importance of friendship, worship, and healing in relation to image and ritual. And helpful distinctions between official communal rituals and private rituals are explored. His goal is to move folks from a concentrate on to} technique to religion discovery and understanding in the pursuit of worship renewal. The theological significance of those practices is unpacked in mild of historical past, pop culture, formal interpretations, and first-hand experiences of religion and group. In the wake of that project, he now addresses the use of of} Common Worship in the local setting. Earey values the use of of} Common Worship here, however seeks to uncover an approach to its implementation that would yield distinctive expressions in worship that may emerge in response to the character and desires of the parish church. Christian identification, evil, knowing God and prophecy are a sampling of subjects that assist to focus their reflections. The authors present a dense and fruitful exploration of an integral aspect of human existence. He underscores the countercultural posture of Christ and seeks to inspire renewed worship in congregational settings. Webber Institute for Worship Studies Garcia-Rivera, Alejandro, and Thomas Scirghi. The assortment is complete and assists the reader with greedy the distinctive understandings of the Eastern church. The author frames the two sacraments within the bigger religion story stretching from creation to new creation, growing the Exodus narrative in a method that includes Christ. Windows of understanding are offered via examination of liturgical theology, scripture, pastoral theology, liturgical renewal and evangelism. Meaning is both produced by these main worship and acquired by these sharing in the exercise. Making explicit use of the writings of Charles Peirce, he employs semiotic principle to analyze the development, transmission and apprehension of which means within an actual worship service. The Touch of the Sacred: the Practice, Theology, and Tradition of Christian Worship. Content addresses the which means of worship, the thriller of Christ, the sacraments, prayer, and preaching. He provides a considerate approach to probing the deep meanings of our texts and settings for liturgical activities. Irwin continues to develop his approach to inspecting and revising liturgies for contemporary practice. He traces the historical improvement of sacraments and their practice in the Catholic church, develops a theology of the sacraments, and then displays upon the sacraments as they relate to liturgical celebrations. Drawing on inspiration from the writings of Henri de Lubac and Alexander Schmemann, the author has a need to recover Old Testament imagery for Western liturgical understandings. Chapters concentrate on to} relating liturgical theology to "the home of God," "sacrifice of Jesus Christ," "contemplation of thriller," and "figural interpretation. Insight and problem for reconsidering contemporary worship abound in this assortment. On Liturgical Theology (Hale Memorial Lectures of Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, 1981). Renewal of our understandings and practice of the sacraments is a goal of this textual content, as she considers a variety of|quite so much of|a big selection of} methods by which the thriller of Christ may be celebrated in religion communities. The Liturgical Subject: Subject, Subjectivity, and the Human Person in Contemporary Liturgical Discussion and Critique. The philosophical grounding of worship in a post-Conciliar interval is explored by contributors rooted in historical, theological, philosophical, and liturgical research. Contributors include Robert Barron, Laszlo Dobszay, Bruce Harbert, Daniel McCarthy, Enrico Mazza and Denis Robinson. Divine worship, seasonal festivals, music, symbols, vestments and house are all addressed as he helps the reader recognize the fullness and joy of Word and Table celebrations. His approach identifies how patristic writings were misunderstood by medieval scholastics, culminating in unlucky assertions at the Council of Trent. He seeks to determine the historical context of theological understandings, decide the constructive and damaging affirmations, and revise ritual practices in mild of biblical understandings. Themes and Variations for a Christian Doxology (Clinton Lectures, 1989, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary). Attention to present points for the contemporary worshiper are included, providing an engaging point of entry for the reader. The content material addresses the ministry of the sacristan, equipping the church and sacristy, and checklists for all rites and liturgies of the Church. The revised edition (original published in 1993) displays norms as offered by the third edition of the Roman Missal, the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, Redemptionis Sacramentum, Built of Living Stones, and Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship. He explores liturgical theology, the places of work of prayer, the liturgical calendar, sacraments, sacramental theology, ritual research, music and art in fresh methods targeted on the human physique as a vessel for experiencing worship. Cultivation of bodily postures, as culturally acceptable, is encouraged as a companion to expand cerebral insights. He critiques our posture of lodging to tradition, uncovers flaws in latest theo-political assumptions, and modestly recommends a renewed path. Worship is highlighted as a major avenue via which adverse cultural impulses may be countered in looking for to live because the followers of Christ. Implications for the character of Christian formation and the position of the arts in Christian mission are included. He identifies patterns that we embody in our tradition to sensitize the reader to the presence of formality in every day life. Finally, he challenges the reader to contemplate domestic and vocational patterns in mild of the story of the Christian religion (and how we rehearse that story) in an effort to provoke the combination of religion with day to day living. The Place of Christ in Liturgical Prayer: Christology, Trinity, and Liturgical Theology. Insights into historic and modern practices, from Eastern and Western churches, are included in this set of considerable essays. The goal of those essays is to improve the theological understanding and significance of our worship celebrations. Vander Zee encourages an intentional concentrate on to} sacramental celebrations in looking for a more holistic approach to religion and the renewal of worship. Webber Institute for Worship Studies study worship in mild of a worldwide consciousness.


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    Natashia Ayres*, Salem State University; Ashley Walsh*, Salem State University; Steven E Silvern*, Salem State University, Poster #108: Hunger and Homelessness in Higher Education: Salem State University. Jostein Brobakk*, Center for Rural Research; Gerald Schwarz, Thuenen Institute of Farm Economics, Poster #109: Understanding policy barriers for a bioeconomic transition: Institutional settings and stakeholder positions. Read*, Syracuse University; Susan Rachel May, Syracuse University, Poster #115: Spatial Storytelling, the Geohumanities, and Stories of Onondaga Lake. James Shea, Graduate Student*, Salem State University, Poster #119: Education Straight Ahead. Ethan Boroughs*, University of Richmond, Poster #120: Restoration of the East End Cemetery: Building a Spatial Database of a Historically African-American Cemetery. Brand*, Minnesota State University, Mankato and Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences; Cynthia A. Vincent*, Valdosta State University, Poster #122: A Risk Terrain Model of Residential Burglaries in Valdosta, Georgia. Liza Brazil, Community Support Specialist*, Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. Nelson Vera B�chel*, University of Neuch�tel, Poster #125: Urban hire and concrete worth: a territorial approach. Andree Finkelstein*, Syracuse University; Yat Sze Austin Cheng, Syracuse University; Maxine Williams, Syracuse University; Rachel May, PhD, Syracuse University; Jane Read, PhD, Syracuse University, Poster #127: Virtual Tour. Hollie Smith, PhD*, University of Rhode Island; Christine Gilbert, University of Rhode Island, Poster #128: Cultural Geography and Wind Energy Systems in the. Biroschak, Youngstown State University; Rachael E Liposchak, Youngstown State University, Poster #132: Leetonia, Ohio: A Case Study of Rural Rustbelt Home Features as a Proxy Quality of Life Indicator. Tong Thi Hai Hanh*, Uppsala University; Wiebren Johannes Boonstra, Poster #135: Response diversity and socialecological entice in the Tam Giang lagoon. Jules Laurent-Allard*, Universit� de Montr�al, Poster #139: urbanism in Hanoi, Vietnam: Contested public spaces and the best to play. Misty McKinney*, Graduate Student, San Francisco State University; Tendai Chitewere, Associate Professor, San Francisco State University, Poster #140: Impacts of Illegal Dumping in East Palo Alto: An Environmental Justice Analysis. Elly Tahmseb Gay*, Furman University; Weston Dripps, Associate Professor, Furman University, Poster #001: Understanding Campus Metabolism: Transformative Sustainability at Furman University. Ricardo Alexander Gomez*, University of Northern Colorado, Poster #002: An Earthquake Assessment of a Potential Rupture Along the San Andreas Fault Analyzing Potential Damages to Downtown Los Angeles. Emily Moothart, Graduate Student*, University of Massachusetts - Boston, Poster #004: Investigating the effects of dam. Brandon Turner, Thompson Rivers University; David J Hill, Thompson Rivers University; Darryl Carlyle-Moses*, Thompson Rivers University, Poster #006: Hobbyist Electronics supply a Low-Cost Alternative for the Study. Lovis, Michigan State University, Poster #009: A Preliminary Reconstruction of Late Holocene. Professor of Practice, Wesleyan University; Ezra Steinfeld, Wesleyan University, Poster #010: Environmental components of woody plant richness in the Massasauga Provinical Park. Chan Woong Kim*, Seoul National University; Young Ho Shin, Seoul National University, Poster #011: the effects of climate change schooling on the amount of greenhouse University students. Winkler*, Michigan State University; Shiyuan Zhong, Michigan State University; Xindi Bian, U. Forest Service; Dana Doubler, Michigan State University; Lejiang Yu, Polar Research Institute of China; Claudia K, Walters, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Poster #013: the Great Plains low-level jet in the mid-21st century. Lance Watkins*, Arizona State University; Mary Wright, Arizona State University; Paul Chakalian, Arizona State University; Liza Kurtz, Arizona State University; David Hondula, Arizona State University; Sharon Harlan, Northeastern University, Poster #014: Experienced vs Perceived Indoor Temperature Exposure. Caffrey, University of Colorado, Poster #018: Origins and Dynamic Stratigraphy in Mid-Latitude Subalpine Fens. Sullivan, University of Denver, Poster #019: A Late Holocene Record of Paleoenvironmental Change from Valles Caldera. Nina Claire Schnyder*, Kutztown University; Michael Davis, Kutztown University, Poster #020: Climate Variability in the Lehigh Valley. Katherine Landesman*, Clark University, Poster #021: Vulnerability of Conversion from Mangrove Forests to Aquaculture in Myanmar. Kaili Soisson*, Kutztown University; Michael Davis, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Poster #022: Extreme Cold Temperatures and Snow Fall In Pennsylvania. Xiao Li*, Poster #023: A Practical Mobile Crowd-Sensing System for Road Surface Assessment in College Station, Texas. Frye, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Poster #025: the Effect of Temperature, Precipitation, Across the Upper Midwest of the United States. Daniela Maria Reyes Saade*, Clark University; Florencia Sangermano, Graduate School of Geography, Clark University, Poster #026: A Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika Viruses in El Salvador. China Science Center of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100107, China. Saira Khan*, Clark University Graduate School of Geography; John Rogan, Clark University Graduate School of Geography; Anthony Bebbington, Clark University Graduate School of Geography, Poster #029: Mapping Overlap Between Extractive Industries, Agriculture and Indigenous Communities in Cop�n, Honduras. Donnelly, Student*, Gettysburg College; Randall Wilson, Professor of Environmental Studies, Gettysburg College, Conservation Status and Future Outlook. Kimberly B Johnson*, Clark University; John Rogan, PhD, Clark University; Anthony Bebbington, PhD, Clark University; Denise Humphreys Bebbington, PhD, Clark University, Poster #031: Characterizing the Direct and Indirect Impacts of Coal Mining on Forest and Protected Areas in Sumatra, Indonesia from 20002014. Eli Simonson, Graduate School of Geography*, Clark University; John Rogan; Deborah G. Martin; Arthur Elmes, Poster #032: Using a Planting Priority Index to select optimal places for tree planting in Worcester, Massachusetts. Daniel Zimny-Schmitt*, University of Denver; Benjamin Blair, PhD, University of Colorado, Denver; Murray Rudd, PhD, Emory University, Coverage of Pharmaceutical Pollution in the Aquatic Environment: A Content Analysis of the Problems and 2017 Annual Meeting Program � 247 Solutions introduced by Actors. Jongseo Yim*, Seoul National University; Jungho Nam, Dr, Korea Maritime Institute; Seonggook Moon, Kyung Hee University; Woohyun Sophia Choi, Korea Maritime Institute, Poster #035: Marine Spatial Planning in Limited Environment by Marine Suitability Assessment. Jane Christine Mulcahy*, Syracuse University, Poster #036: the Role of Scale in Food System Practice: Exploring Food System Assessments. Laura Patricia Gloria*, Texas A&M University, Department of Smart, Texas A&M University, Department of Geology Phil Wernette, Texas A&M University, Department Peter Knappett, Texas A&M University, Department of Geology and Geophysics, College Station, Texas, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Poster #038: the Effects of Saltwater Intrusion on Coastal Aquifers. Coryn Collins*, Louisiana State University, Poster #039: Impacts Distribution in the Eastern United States. Octavio Rojas*, University of Concepcion; Mar�a Mardones, University of Concepci�n; Carolina Mart�nez, E. Engineer; Katia Saez-Carrillo, University of Concepci�n; Alberto Araneda, University of Concepci�n, Poster #041: Floods, tides and sea degree increase in a context of climate change in the south central Chile. The relationship between warmth wave expertise, danger perception, and protective action in the U. Shana Rose*, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania; Michael Davis, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Poster #045: Temperature and Precipitaion Variablity on Texas Agriculture. Passos*, Federal University of Acre; Harley A Silva, Federal University of Acre, Poster #046: Urban Protected Areas: How Well Is It Coping with Uncontrolled City Growth. Alexandra Orrego, Georgia State University; Ricardo Nogueira*, Georgia State University, Poster #049: An analysis DeKalb County. Tianna Andrews*, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania; Michael Davis, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Poster #050: Assessment of Mid-Atlantic Atmosphere Instability, 2003-2013. Chong Liu*, Jiangxi Normal University, Poster #053: Spatialtemporal variability of ecosystem companies in the Poyang Lake Basin under a changing climate. Ying Li*, East Tennessee State University; Wei Zhang, Renmin University, Poster #054: Estimating heat-related mortality in the U. Humayun Kabir, Phd, Professor,Department of Geography and Environment,University of Dhaka, Poster #055: Environmental Impacts of the Meghna Dhonagoda Irrigation Project: A Case Study of Matlab sub-district, Chandpur, Bangladesh. Savannah Sanford*, Graduate School of Geogrpahy, Clark University; John Rogan*; Arthur Elmes*; Deborah G. Martin*, Poster #056: Modelling city tree vulnerability to environmental hazards and climate change in Worcester, Massachusetts. Hintz*, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Poster #057: Teaching Sustainability: Methods and Lessons from the Bloomsburg University Outdoor Classroom. Weishi Zhang*, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Poster #059: Measure and slim the gaps between actuality and best: residential black carbon mitigation in rural China. Larson, PhD, University of Wisoconsin-Platteville; 248 � American Association of Geographers Thomas C. Perakis, United States Geological Survey, Poster #067: Centennial-scale reductions in nitrogen availability in temperate forests of the United States. Zhenguo Niu*, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Science; Jingwen Wang, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Poster #070: Researches on. Burdge, Furman University; Kristina Marie Benson, Furman University; Josephine A Newton, Furman University, Poster #071: An Evaluation of Biodiversity via Organic System Plans.

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    Although hazard identification and quantitative threat assessment are necessary, threat administration additionally is dependent upon by} qualitative or subjective judgments. As a result, requirements "have to be derived in a top-down growth course of which contains totally different views on a system in any respect ranges" (Bagschik et al. Chemical plants, for example, rely upon the provision of public utilities corresponding to water, and chemical plant failure analyses note that dependence. These categories are (1) comparison to a reference commonplace (defined below), or (2) comparison to a way or predicate aside from a reference commonplace (non-reference standard). The diagnostic accuracy of a brand new} take a look at refers to the extent of agreement between finish result} of the new new} take a look at and the reference commonplace. That is, a reference commonplace is "considered to be one of the best obtainable methodology for establishing the presence or absence of the goal situation. Analytical validation entails "establishing that the efficiency characteristics of a take a look at, device, or instrument are acceptable" (Scheerens et al. The reference commonplace is usually a|could be a} single take a look at or methodology, or a combination of strategies and strategies, including clinical follow-up [by appropriately credentialed clinician experts]. If a reference commonplace is a combination of strategies, the algorithm specifying how the totally different outcomes are combined to make a last positive/negative classification (which might embody the choice and ordering of those methods) is part of of} the usual. These steps are important to eliminate validation leakage and assist to estimate the soundness of the mannequin over time. Two primary biases are necessary to contemplate: representational bias and data bias (Althubaiti, 2016). Simply growing the general number of subjects in the study will do nothing to reduce bias. Alternatively, choosing the "right" subjects, altering study conduct, or information analysis procedures might take away or reduce bias. However, prior efforts to rely on elevated postmarket surveillance have encountered difficulty in developer compliance and company enforcement (Woloshin et al. A complementary diagnostic, in contrast, merely offers further info related to , or supplementary to and corroborative of, decisions guiding care of the patient in regard to the related therapeutic product. Finally, a combination product is a product composed of two or more regulated parts produced and marketed as a single entity (21 C. Such exams are established and overseen similarly to other growth instruments corresponding to biomarkers. Tort regulation is principally grounded in state regulation, and its contours are formed by courts on a case-by-case foundation. Supreme Court has additionally held that this preempts certain state tort lawsuits alleging negligent design or manufacturing. Clearance beneath the 510(k) pathway will generally not preempt state tort lawsuits beneath the reasoning of Medtronic v. It is unclear what preemptive effect De Novo classification may have on preempting state tort lawsuits, the rationale that} Supreme Court emphasised each the thoroughness of premarket review and its determination that the system is secure and effective, quite than equal to an permitted predicate system. Developers, providers, and health techniques are all more likely to|prone to} carry liability insurance to decrease the chance of a catastrophic tort judgment arising from potential harm. Liability insurers set guidelines and requirements relating to what info have to be provided or what practices and procedures have to be followed so as to to} problem a policy. Impact of Transparency on Tort Liability Transparency and opacity additionally work together with tort liability. Explainable algorithms might make it simpler to assess tort liability, as may transparency round information provenance, training and validation strategies, and ongoing oversight. Perversely, this could create incentives for builders to keep away from certain types of transparency as a method to reduce the likelihood of downstream tort liability. To take a hypothetical example, a court docket might at some point hold that when a provider relies on an algorithmic prognosis, that provider can solely exercise due care by assessing how the algorithm was validated. Developers or other intermediaries would then must provide adequate info to allow that assessment. Covered entities and enterprise associates might solely use or disclose info with patient authorization, if the entity receives a waiver from an institutional review board or privateness board, or for certainly one of a number of} exceptions (45 C. Some types of information are significantly delicate, corresponding to substance abuse information or sexually transmitted disease info (Ford and Price, 2016). Other types of information elevate privateness considerations in regards to the particular individual, corresponding to genetic information that may reveal details about members of the family (Ram et al. Collecting, using, and sharing patient health information elevate considerations in regards to the privateness of the affected people, whether those considerations are consequentialist. The strategy of accumulating and sharing may also make information more vulnerable to interception or inadvertent access by other parties. Machine studying makes predictions based mostly on information, and people predictions might themselves be delicate information, or might minimal of|no much less than} be seen that means by patients. The most privacy-protective method limits preliminary information collection to necessarily restrict the potential for problematic use or disclosure (Terry, 2017). De-Identification De-identification, a standard privacy-protecting method, raises a number of} considerations. De-identification additionally raises two diametrically opposed considerations about gathering information. Patient information are gathered in many different contexts, including by totally different providers and totally different insurers. When identifying info is removed from patient information, reassembly becomes harder, particularly for builders with fewer assets. Re-identification can happen on the stage of the individual (via focused efforts) or more broadly across datasets. In addition, data-sharing agreements often embody provisions prohibiting efforts at re-identification by the info recipient (Ohmann et al. Individual consent and authorization provide the clearest potential path towards ameliorating privateness considerations however elevate their very own complications. When people know the purposes for which their info will be used and can provide significant knowledgeable consent to those uses, privateness considerations could be restricted. The revised Common Rule does allow for the supply of broad consent for unspecified future use (45 C. Nevertheless, systematic differences between those willing to consent to future information use and people unwilling to consent-or unable to consent they lack that entry into the health information system-means that relying on individual authorization can introduce bias into datasets (SpectorBagdady, 2016). Furthermore, the more significant the individual opportunity to consent, the upper the procedural hurdles created for the assembly of data-and the higher the likelihood of eventual bias. However, numerous hurdles exist to the collection of adequate information (Price, 2016). Various privateness laws, as described above, restrict the collection of identifiable info, and de-identified info could be tough to assemble to seize either long-term results or information across totally different information sources. On an economic stage, holders of knowledge have robust incentives to hold information in proprietary siloes to derive competitive advantage, resulting in more fragmentation of knowledge from totally different sources. For information holders who wish to hold information proprietary for economic causes, referencing privateness considerations can provide a publicly acceptable reason for these ways. At least four possibilities emerge for collection of knowledge, with some proof of every in current apply: 1. Data brokers and collaboration: the collaboration or collection of knowledge from totally different sources is feasible, however these endeavors often encounter the hurdles described above, which can introduce limitations on information sources or bias in the incorporation course of. Failure to gather information: In some cases, no actor might have the motivation or capability to gather and collect information. In reality, the need to defend privateness could be its own spur to the event of revolutionary applied sciences to gather, handle, and use health information. Nevertheless, resolving this pressure presents a considerable ongoing problem, one acquainted in the growth of a studying health system more generally. Whatever company is involved in oversight, compliance with rules should be obligatory quite than voluntary, given the potential for problematic incentives for system builders (Evans and Whicher, 2018). When potential, machine learning�based predictive fashions should be evaluated in an unbiased dataset. Risk assessment to determine the diploma to which dataset-specific biases affect on} the mannequin should be undertaken. Regulatory agencies ought to advocate specific statistical strategies for evaluating and mitigating bias. To the extent that machine learning�based fashions constantly learn from new information, regulators ought to undertake postmarket surveillance mechanisms to guarantee continuing (and ideally improving) high-quality efficiency. Government actors ought to cash on|put money into} infrastructure that permits equitable, high-quality information collection, corresponding to technical requirements and technological functionality constructing.

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    Francisco Javier Toro*, Universidad de Granada - Espa�a, Are State and public institutions appropriate with degrowth D, United States Agency for International Development, Regression evaluation of livelihoods and key contributing elements. Baird, Virginia Tech David Fox*, Virginia Tech University, Settlement patterns and their implications for livelihoods amongst Maasai pastorialists. Bernadette Arakwiye*, Clark University, Exploring alternatives for forest panorama restoration in Rwanda: a multidisciplinary method. Judith Namanya*, Michigan State University, Rainwater Harvesting: A potential for Reducing Water & Food Insecurity in the Semi-Arid Savannah of Uganda. Jenny Marie Johnson*, University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign, Links in Modern Cartography: A Citation Analysis of Elements of Cartography. 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Bandana Kar*, University of Southern Mississippi, Crowdsourcing to Citizen Science - Assessing Big Data Relevance for Situation Awareness. MacDonald, University of California - Los Angeles Panelists:, Columbia University; Peter Gleick Discussants:, Syracuse University; William G. At the same time groundwater depletion and climate change are negatively and home freshwater demands plenty of} areas. Compounding these challenges are socioeconomic forces, including armed productivity, food transference and water sources. These issues are basically geographical in nature and will form a central research and academic focus of geography. Melanie Grace Brown*, Furman University, Poster #001: Mapping the Impacts of Urbanization on Ecosystem Services. Victoria Yeager*, Slippery Rock University; Trevor Chambers, Slippery Rock University; Jack Livingston, Ph. 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D, Stockton University, Poster #043: Remote sensing evaluation of land cover and pace of travel in African elephants.

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    From the 22nd to the twenty fifth he marched thirty-six miles, only 5 miles higher than previous days, despite his having lightened his prepare somewhat by the detachment of the ladies and heavy baggage beneath the escort of Brigadier General Howard with orders to comply with after extra slowly. Charles Harrison; and a (North Carolina) state artillery unit, however whose term of service could be over within the following day or two. No expence was spared to be taught the state of the roads, the variety of the mills, and the portions of forage and provisions, between Broad river and the Catawba. This data was peculiarly essential for a general who was about to invade a province not remarkable for its fertility, and which has no navigable rivers to convey supplies to the inside components of the country. There additionally be|can be} some State artillery however their time of service is out in a day or two. The phrases of enlistment for the Virginia militia with Greene expired by early February. Phillips, he was taken prisoner and carried from one jail to another [he was exchanged at Philadelphia on 14 March 1782. Cornwallis camped at Buffalo Creek, northeast of Cowpens and on the east aspect of the Broad River, and just to the north of Cherokee Ford. He additionally had with him seven wagons containing: 2400 cartridges, 240 muskets, 138 bayonets, one hundred fifteen cartridge packing containers, forty nine knapsacks, 35 pots, 12 axes and 36 flints. Davidson reported to Morgan that his own males were badly in need of flints; an issue Farmer evidently suffered from as well. On the 24th, Davidson, in Charlotte the place he was assembling the militia, wrote Morgan: "Just now my Quarter Master returned from Captain Marbury, to whom I despatched an order for flints, and located he has not any. I hope Major [Joseph] McDowell & the volunteers (his 120) answered the Character I gave you of them. The Militia care coming in fast to this place, once more Wednesday or Thursday I shall be ready to march with a considerable variety of pretty good males whenever it could be proper, quantity of|various|a variety of} other|and several of} other} Gentlemen from the Country have offered to embody the Militia would possibly be} at house to conduct the prisoners to anyplace could be|that could be|which might be} directed. Lieutenantcolonels Dundas and Simcoe, are clearly of opinion with me, that three thousand males are essential for their defence. There are many places within the river much easier defended with half the variety of males. From the sketch of the place your Excellency will decide whether or not our opinion is well founded or not. Their numbers, from one of the best data I can get hold of, are four thousand or 5 thousand. Cornwallis arrived at Tryon Court House; whereas the "Scottish Travel Log" lists "King Creek" for its entry. The prisoners and baggage handed the river some seventeen miles additional north at Island Ford. Thinking that Morgan, dazzled by his success, would hold his ground close to the Broad River or maybe make an try on Ninety-Six, Cornwallis marched north-west toward the Little Broad River to reduce him off. I am therefore decided to go on, unless some misfortune should occur to you, which God forbid. However, the horseman, having ascertained that Morgan was on the east aspect of the ford, tamely rotated and returned to the shelter of the British camp. Initially, Campbell and a few others were taken prisoner (and then paroled), and a entice was set for the remaining force. Had they assailed the redoubt, Lee and Marion might then have taken the cannon there, and used them on the buildings. The Americans claimed their very own casualties as three killed, and the British reported their very own as about the same. In his front he had prepared some slight defence, higher calculated to repel a sudden, than resist a decided assault. Between these defences and the city, and contiguous to each, was an enclosed work with a fraise and palisade, which constituted his chief safety. The rest of the troops were dispersed in mild parties in and close to the city, looking toward the country. The plan of assault was discovered upon the facility with which the assailant might convey down the Pedee [Pee Dee] half of|part of} his force undiscovered, and land within the water suburb of the city. The second was to be charged with the interception of such of the garrison as might try to achieve the fort, their chief level of security or annoyance. The militia and cavalry of the Legion, beneath Marion and Lee, were to method close to the city within the night; and when the doorway of the infantry, handed down by water, ought to be announced, they were to rush into it for cooperation and help. Lee applicant marched right down to down to} the Hickory grove on the good Pee dee river, the place the said Regiment embarked in boats and went right down to down to} Georgetown, the place they arrived after laying bye the last day in a cane-break. Campbell had been surrounded, he appeared unwilling to give up, when Captain Michael Rudolph stepped up and enquired are you not going to give up Colonel [George] Campbell, the Commandant, was taken, and about seventy males both killed or taken prisoners. It [the expedition in opposition to Georgetown] satisfied the British, that nevertheless great the gap by which they were faraway from the enemy, (the Continental Army being, at the period of assault, on the borders of North Carolina) that they were still susceptible, and at every second subject to assault. It checked their marauding, predatory expeditions, gave comparative security to the oppressed inhabitants in their neighborhood, and to themselves, full assurance, that to be protected, continue inactive, and stay inside the limits of their Garrison. It is pleasant to me, to record the singular gallantry of a most meritorious Soldier, who, on this occasion, gained high renown. After securing these, they then made their return march house, whereas escorting the captives into Virginia for safekeeping. He spent two days amassing flour, destroying seemingly superfluous encumbrances (included rum and much food), and "all my wagons, except these loaded with hospital shops, salt, ammunition, and four reserved empty in readiness for sick or wounded. In the meantime, all of its fords, for more than forty miles from its fork, were seized and occupied by the North Carolina militia. He had kept between the Broad and the Catawba Rivers, and his sole efforts were to attain the fords toward which Morgan was urgent, in time to reduce him off. It was sundown, and the earl, confident of his prey, postponed additional pursuit until morning. Rain fell copiously through the night,2027 and within the morning the Catawba was brimful, and entirely unfordable. The occasion was correctly marked by the chums of liberty as the tangible interposition of Providence. The arrival of Greene, at this juncture, was equally providential; for Morgan had resolved upon a line of retreat which must have} proved fatal. Morgan at first expressed to him, almost to the purpose of insubordination (says Ramsay and Lee), his determinaion to retreat with his prisoners over the mountains, however was lastly dissuaded from this by Greene to continue on his approach to regroup with the main military. The moving Britons, in scarlet uniforms with glittering muskets, made a formidable sight, and custom still preserves their route. Here they encamped three days, consuming his whole stock of cattle, hogs, sheep and poultry, and taking his horses and forty gallons of brandy. During the three days instantly preceding the 1st of February, my command of cavalry, or portions of it, crossed the river at totally different fords; and it was not flusher of water than is common at that season of the 12 months, until the rain, which fell on the night of the primary of February. The main motive for taking the seaport was to present Cornwallis a supply supply that would assist help his military in North Carolina, but also, because it turned out, to present arms and supplies to the loyalist Highlanders within the Cape Fear River space (a proposal first launched to Cornwallis in October by Wemyss. Alexander Lillington arrived too late to forestall his landing, however did verify the British from opening up communications with Cross Creek. Rankin provides the date as 1 February, and says 200 males surrendered to Craig after first spiking the 17 nine and twelve pounders, in two batteries, Joseph Graham, who was current within the region at the time, denies that it was raining presently. I intend seting out for Wilmington on Thursday with what few I can increase; at which era you shall hear from me. Of these Peter Horry was colonel of one, with William Benison as main, and John Baxter, John Postell, Daniel Conyers, and James McCauley, captains. Adam McDonald was colonel of another, however then being a prisoner, the regiment was commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Horry. A third regiment was commanded by Colonel John Ervin, who resigned and was succeeded by Captain John Baxter. Greene, Thomas Waties, Gavin Witherspoon, Thomas Potts, - Irby, John Simons (killed at Quimby), William Allston, Samuel Cooper, William Capers, G. Sinclair Capers, John Futhey, - Bennett, William Clay Snipes, John Carraway Smith, Lieutenant Smizer. Huger left with primary military from the Hicks Creek Camp on the Pee Dee to be a part of Greene and Morgan; with Salisbury being the intend level of rendezvous. The report of their quantity varied so much that I was at a loss to kind any judgment of it.

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    Wright, a married woman dealing in her sole and separate property Rose Mary Sens, a married woman dealing in her sole and separate property Harold Hogan Duke, Jr. Garich, a single woman First Avenue Church of Christ Mae Lynne Calhoun Davidson a/k/a May Lynn 08-31-2017 Calhoun Humes, a married woman dealing in her sole Continental Resources, Inc. Anderson, a/k/a Charles Anderson, a/k/a Hugo Charles Anderson Kathi Diane Hart, a/k/a Kathie Diane Anderson, a/k/a Kathi Diane Anderson Book 5289 Page 208 Grady 20-05N-06W Operated Horizontal Continental Resources, Inc. Grady 20-05N-06W Operated Horizontal 02-27-2017 04-09-2017 10-01-2017 09-14-2017 09-14-2017 10-01-2017 10-24-2017 09-12-2017 09-11-2017 Continental Resources, Inc. Book 5182 Page 217 Book 5187 Page a hundred and one Book 5283 Page 221 Book 5284 Page 18 Book 5285 Page 480 Book 5285 Page 477 Book 5289 Page 210 Book 5283 Page 224 Book 5283 Page 232 Grady 20-05N-06W Grady 20-05N-06W Grady 20-05N-06W Grady 20-05N-06W Grady 20-05N-06W Grady 20-05N-06W Grady 20-05N-06W Grady 20-05N-06W Grady 20-05N-06W Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal 02-04-2017 12-13-2017 12-13-2017 12-13-2017 Continental Resources, Inc. Baumwart, husband and wife Bryant Welsh Harry Welsh Blomshield John Bryant Blomshield Jessie Maud Pool Erwin Pool Beeler R. Johnston, husband and wife the Gill Royalty Company Elks National Foundation Ruth Ellen Sands Mitchell George W. Scott, Trustee of the Michael Bruce McNeill Trust A 1, A2, A3 and A4 and as 04-26-1972 Trustee of Donald Clyde McNeill Trusts A1, A2, A3, and A4, and as Trustee of Phillip Andrew McNeill Trusts A1, A2, A3 and A4 Houston E. McNeill, Trustee of the Michael Bruce McNeill Trusts A1, A2, A3 and A4 and 09-30-1972 as Trustee of Donald Clyde McNeill Trusts A1, A2, A3, and A4, and as Trustee of Phillip Andrew McNeill Trusts A1, A2, A3 and A4 Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company Ralph A. Phillips, a/k/a Donald Phillips Jo Ann Welles McMillan, f/k/a Jo Ann Welles Sinclair Myrtle Burkart, et al Luther Wilkins the Carver Royalty Company, L. Knapp Revocable Living Trust dated November 20, 2017 BancFirst as Trustee of the Gladys R. Collier Book 932 Page 792 Book 932 Page 799 Book 932 Page 805 Grady 08-06N-06W Grady 08-06N-06W Grady 08-06N-06W Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal 05-30-1972 08-07-1972 01-05-2018 01-05-2018 03-16-1944 12-24-2017 12-20-2017 12-14-1981 09-04-1981 09-04-1981 09-04-1981 09-04-1981 01-16-2018 02-10-2016 01-22-2018 01-22-2018 01-08-2018 H. Pouge, individually and 06-10-2014 Heir of Mozelle Knotts nee Smith formerly Mozell Gooden a/k/a Mrs. Knotts a/k/a Clora Mozelle Smith Knotts, Deceased 12-08-2014 12-05-2014 12-05-2014 11-06-2014 11-06-2014 01-06-2016 06-04-2014 Margaret Black, a single woman Judith Youngblood Sessions & Charles R. Jeaneen Heller and Jane Bowser Woods, Co-Trustees Mary Nell Bowser Revocable Trust dated 4/8/1993, Mary Nell Bowser Trustee Brenda J. Dudley Land Company, Inc Trustees 11-01-1979 11-01-1979 Eleanor Jo Pybas Bonnie Douglas Pybas, a single woman Steve Knox Steve Knox Book 645 Page 653 Book 645 Page 655 McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Book 2153 Page 804 McClain 31-07N-03W Operated Horizontal T. Dudley Land Company, Inc Book 2214 Page 750 Book 2214 Page 772 Book 2214 Page 205 Book 2210 Page 295 Book 2209 Page 910 Book 2280 Page 723 Book 2181 Page eighty two Book 2203 Page 654 Corr @ 2250/479 McClain 11-07N-04W McClain 11-07N-04W McClain 11-07N-04W McClain 11-07N-04W McClain 11-07N-04W McClain 11-07N-04W McClain 11-07N-04W Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal T. Dudley Land Company, Inc Book 2178 Page 233 McClain 11-07N-04W Operated Horizontal Lessee Book-Page / Other Identifier Location Lot 07-25-2014 T. Dudley Land Company, Inc Book 2211 Page 311 McClain 11-07N-04W Operated Horizontal 11-17-2014 10-21-2014 10-01-2015 10-19-2015 02-16-2016 10-18-2017 T. Book 2211 Page 320 Book 2216 Page 10 Book 2263 Page 342 Book 2272 Page 403 Book 2283 Page 604 Book 2425 Page 761 McClain 11-07N-04W McClain 11-07N-04W McClain 11-07N-04W McClain 11-07N-04W McClain 11-07N-04W McClain 11-07N-04W Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal 06-29-2015 T. Blinn Jack Warren Sutliff Grace Clause Hassler Frances Kennedy, a single woman Bonnie Douglas Pybas, a single woman, and Eleanor Jo Pybas, a single woman Oklahoma Tire & Supply Co. Henry Rothschild as Executors of 07-10-1961 the Estate of Nation Sulzberger, deceased, they being N. Howard two of the three executors of mentioned estate 02-25-2014 12-18-2014 12-08-2014 04-22-2014 05-02-2014 05-30-2014 05-06-2014 05-30-2014 06-04-2014 Gloria Lee Johnson Wade Gubser Ruth Ellen Sands Mitchell Hildegard Ratliff, Heir of Buddy Lee Weeden Ratliff John O. Proch,Managing Partner James Alec Stapp, a single man Ray Frank Ratliff, a single man Linda Kay Foreman & Robert Foreman, wife and husband Book 2180 Page 951 McClain 31-07N-03W Operated Horizontal T. Dudley Land Company, Inc Book 2163 Page 855 Book 2214 Page 799 Book 2214 Page 790 Book 2171 Page 245 Book 2172 Page 307 Book 2174 Page 851 Book 2174 Page eighty three Book 2174 Page 833 Book 2181 Page eighty five McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal N. Howard Book 332 Page 557 McClain 31-07N-03W Operated Horizontal Lessee Highlands Oil & Gas, Inc. Howard Book-Page / Other Identifier Book 647 Page 693 Book 649 Page 19 Book 649 Page 21 Book 647 Page 695 Book 281 Page 489 Book 289 Page 331 Book 289 Page 333 Book 289 Page 335 Book 289 Page 337 Book 289 Page 339 Book 289 Page 341 Book 289 Page 343 Book 289 Page 345 Book 289 Page 347 Book 289 Page 349 Book 289 Page 351 Book 302 Page 191 Book 302 Page 193 Book 323 Page 287 Book 326 Page 289 Book 326 Page 291 Book 326 Page 293 Book 330 Page 311 Book 330 Page 313 Book 330 Page 315 Location McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W Lot Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal 04-22-2014 05-19-2014 08-04-2014 08-21-2014 10-07-2014 10-07-2014 T. Dudley Land Company, Inc Book 2206 Page 812 McClain 31-07N-03W Operated Horizontal Lessee T. Dudley Land Company, Inc Book-Page / Other Identifier Book 2207 Page 28 Book 2210 Page 790 Book 2206 Page 832 Location McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W Lot Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Karen A. Laura Lynn Seaman Akins, a married woman dealing in her sole and separate property Laura Lynn Seaman Akins, a married woman dealing in her sole and separate property Laura Lynn Seaman Akins, a married woman dealing in her sole and separate property Stephen Ray Creel and Debra L. Creel, a/k/a Debra Linda Creel, husband and wife Richard Philip Seaman Richard Philip Seaman Richard Philip Seaman Peggy Smith, Trustee of the Smith Family Trust dated March 16, 2011 Peggy Smith, Trustee of the Smith Family Trust dated March 16, 2011 the Prospect Company the Prospect Company Florence M. Glasgow and Jewel Glasgow, his wife Freda Noffel, a single person Doris McKeever, a widow Kenneth R. Hill and Velma Hill, his wife Commissioners of the Land Office of the State of Oklahoma, appearing on behalf of the State of Oklahoma Teresa D. McMahon Trust dated 1/17/89 Wynnogene Hudspeth Overton Wiley Oil & Gas, Limited Partnership Royal Petroleum Corp. Clark Revocable Trust dated January 22, 1992 Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc. Book 2310 Page 269 McClain 05-06N-04W Operated Horizontal 06-20-2016 07-28-2016 07-28-2016 Dwight A. Land Betty Lou King, Individually, Michael Gordon King, a single man and Betty Lou King, as joint tenants Judy Tripp, Trustee of the Tripp Family Trust, dated April 16, 1997 Judy Tripp, Trustee of the Tripp Family Trust, dated April 16, 1997 J. Book 2361 Page 406 McClain 05-06N-04W Operated Horizontal 02-09-2017 02-09-2017 02-23-2017 Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc. Witwer, husband and wife, 03-12-1959 joint tenants, and not as tenants in common, in the event of the death of both, then to survivor 03-09-1959 03-09-1959 03-09-1959 10-07-1958 02-09-1961 02-07-1961 02-13-1961 05-26-1961 05-23-1961 05-23-1961 H. Henry Rothschild as Executors of 07-10-1961 the Estate of Nathan Sulzberger, Deceased, they being N. Howard two of the three executors of mentioned Estate 04-28-1961 03-01-2018 03-07-2018 M. Vinson, a/k/a Eunice Vinson, husband and wife Floyd Wildon Wininger, Trustee Under the Last Will and Testament of Irvilene Foy Wininger, Deceased, f/b/o Claudia Anne Durant 03-12-2018 03-01-2018 Floyd W. Chalmers the Chase Manhattan Bank, National Association, 05-10-1967 Trustee beneath Indenture of Trust dated May 26, 1955 with Charlene Wrightsman Cassini, et al, as beneficiaries 05-10-1967 05-10-1967 05-10-1967 07-19-1967 09-14-1967 09-14-1967 09-14-1967 09-14-1967 09-14-1967 09-14-1967 09-14-1967 09-14-1967 09-14-1967 09-14-1967 09-14-1967 09-14-1967 09-14-1967 Ellis Rudy Wrightsman Investment Company, a Delaware corporation Mrs. Howard Book 289 Page 335 Book 289 Page 333 Book 289 Page 331 Book 281 Page 489 Book 326 Page 287 Book 326 Page 289 Book 326 Page 291 Book 330 Page 311 Book 330 Page 313 Book 330 Page 315 McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W McClain 31-07N-03W Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal Operated Horizontal N. Bowles the Chase Manhattan Bank, a New York corporation, 12-20-1965 and Jayne Larkin Wrightsman, as Trustees beneath Indenture of Trust dated May 26, 1955, with Charlene Wrightsman Cassini, et al, as beneficiaries the Chase Manhattan Bank, a New York corporation, 05-13-1966 and Jayne Larkin Wrightsman, as Trustees beneath Indenture of Trust dated May 26, 1955, with Charlene Wrightsman Cassini, et al, as beneficiaries the Chase Manhattan Bank, a New York corporation, 05-13-1966 and Jayne Larkin Wrightsman, as Trustees beneath Indenture of Trust dated May 26, 1955, with Charlene Wrightsman Cassini, et al, as beneficiaries 10-04-2017 10-10-2017 Paula Bassett Fanning James K. Bassett Virginia Helen Monahan, Trustee of the Virginia 10-25-2017 Helen Monahan Revocable Living Trust dated 8/19/1992 10-06-2017 10-04-2017 10-10-2017 Edwin T. Bassett Virginia Helen Monahan, Trustee of the Virginia 10-25-2017 Helen Monahan Revocable Living Trust dated 8/19/1992 10-06-2017 03-19-2018 03-01-2018 03-01-2018 Edwin T. Thompson Family Trust, dated December 18, 2009, as amended December 21, 2012 Book 5334 Page 312 11-09-2017 Gayle Gunter Bowie, a single person Jonathon Bowie, married and dealing in his sole and separate property Ray J. Beamer, Joyce LaVonne Beamer Mitchell, Karen Ann Beamer, and Norma Sue Beamer Emmett Brusenhan and Inez Wellman Brusenhan, husband and wife Selma Fortune and R. Kingston separate property belief 2014 04-21-2000 04-21-2000 04-21-2000 04-18-2000 04-17-2000 04-17-2000 05-17-2000 04-24-2000 04-17-2000 05-25-2000 06-14-2000 06-14-2000 06-16-2000 06-14-2000 06-14-2000 06-14-2000 06-14-2000 06-14-2000 06-16-2000 05-17-2000 Charles T. Successor Trustee of the Ethel Brown Revocable Trust, dated November 4, 1992 Barbara Murphy Thomas M. Graalman and Margaret Graalman, his wife Commissioners of the Land Office of the State of Oklahoma Milton Kent Kirkpatrick and Emma Eugenia Kirkpatrick Mobil Oil Corporation (formerly Socony Mobil Oil Company, Inc. Beamer, Joyce LaVonne Beamer Mitchell, Karen Ann Beamer, and Norma Sue Brooks Emmett Brusehan and Inez Wellman Brusehan, husband and wife Slema Fortune and R. Fortune, her husband, and 12-06-1976 Charles Fortune and Donna Dortune, his wife, and Lavoda Harvick and Earl Harvick, her husband 10-02-1972 10-02-1972 09-28-1972 10-02-1972 09-28-2017 James H. Kippenberger and Dona Gayle Kippenberger, his wife Lowell Johnson and Maxine Johnson, his sister Pomeroy Family Limited Partnership Tammy Triem, a married woman dealing in her sole and separate property Mary Lou Davis, Trustee of the Jimmy and Mary Lou Davis Living Trust, dated November 13, 1998 Tressie Marie Fulton, a/k/a Tressie Ward Fulton, a married woman dealing in her sole and separate property 09-13-2017 08-01-2016 05-18-2018 05-18-2018 06-13-2018 11-03-2017 06-27-2018 06-14-2018 E G Energy, L. Hester, David Gregg Janes, and Steven Elliott 06-14-2018 Hester, Trustees of the Bob J. Hester 1997 Revocable Trust beneath settlement dated the sixteenth day of July 1997 06-29-2018 07-02-2018 07-10-2018 07-16-2018 07-09-2018 07-15-2017 07-18-2018 07-12-2018 07-18-2018 08-07-2018 08-07-2018 07-31-2018 07-01-2018 07-05-2018 07-05-2018 07-05-2018 07-05-2018 07-05-2018 07-05-2018 07-05-2018 07-05-2018 07-05-2018 07-05-2018 07-05-2018 07-05-2018 07-05-2018 07-05-2018 08-23-2018 04-24-2018 08-31-2018 Sykes Group, Ltd. Adler and Wendy Adler, Trustees of the Gerald and Wendy Adler Revocable Trust John C. Williams Ruth Seale Oklahoma United Methodist Home Jack Arthur Griffin Cecilia Burtschi Geneva Marie Williams Jerry D. Latch, Ruth Latch Watkins, Lenise Latch Mason the First National Bank and Trust Company of Oklahoma City & Ruth Harris, Co Trustees U/W of John P.

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    Richard Campbell died from his wounds someday later in the afternoon (and after the battle had ended. On September 11th, Greene wrote Thomas McKean, model new} President of Congress: "On the Evening of the ninth the Enemy retired, leaving upwards of 70 of their Wounded behind them, and not lower than one thousand stand of Arms that were picked up on the field, and found broke and concealed in the Eutaw Springs. The Fugitives that fled from the field of Battle spread such an alarm that the Enemy burnt their shops at Dorchester and deserted the submit at Fair Lawn, and a great quantity of|a large quantity of} Negroes and others were employed in falling Trees throughout the Road for some Miles with out the Gates of Charles city. This morning our Army was in movement earlier than Daybreak, with a dedication of Fighting the British Army. The Second line was Composed of North Carolina regulars, Virginians, and Marylanders, having two three Pounders, between the N. We met with no further opposition, till [sic] we arrived inside one mile of their Encampment, where we met their first line, which quickly introduced the Action common, we Drove their first, and Second Lines, took upwards of 500 prisoners. The Enemy took shelter in a big Brick House, and a hollowway [sic] in rear of the House. At this time our men were up to now spent for need of water, and our Continental Officers struggling a lot in the Action, rendered it advisable to Genl. Found our Army had withdrawn from the field, made it essential for us Likewise to withdrawn (sic). We introduced off one of many Enemys three Pounders, which with a lot problem was carried out via a thick wood for close to 4 miles, with out help of|the help of} however one Horse, We received to the encamping Ground which we left in the morning about two in the night. The second line was composed of North Carolina Regulars, Virginians and Marylanders, with two three-pounders and two six-pounders. We met with no farther opposition until we came inside one mile of their encampment earlier than found, and with their entrance line started the motion, which quickly introduced the motion common. We drove their first and second strains, and took upwards of 5 hundred prisoners. They took shelter in a big brick house and a hollow way in the rear of the home. At this time our men were up to now spent for need of water, and our Continental officers struggling a lot in the motion, rendered it advisable for General Greene to draw off his troops, with the lack of two six-pounders. Major [Thomas] Edmunds with a small party of men joined our infantry in the British encampment, maintaining fireplace for a small area of time; discovered our military had withdrawn from subject made it essential for us likewise to withdraw. We introduced off considered one of their three-pounders, which was with a lot problem carried out via a thick wood for 4 miles, with out help of|the help of} however one horse. We received to the encamping floor, where we left in the morning, about two in the night. The enemy retired with great precipitation to a robust situation, about seven miles from the field of motion, leaving their cavalry to cowl their retreat. The glory of the day would have been more complete, had not the need of cavalry prevented me from taking the benefit which the gallantry of my infantry threw in my way. The gates of the city were shut, and Negroes employed in felling trees throughout the highway on Charlestown Neck. We had hardy taken up our floor earlier than a few of our Militia from Dorchester came running into Camp, a few of them a lot wounded. A large body of the enemy had charged into Dorchester and shocked the Militia and retired once more some miles from Dorchester. The two armies remained neighbors, and were separated by the Santee, from early in August until the 23d of that month, when Gen. Again we superior, and soon afterwards our light troops met the van of the enemy, who were marching out to meet us. Our militia, which composed the entrance line, seconded the attack, and behaved higher than ordinary. The North Carolina brigade of Continentals were subsequent engaged, and acquired honor by their firmness. The Virginians superior with impetuosity, and beat their foes wherever they discovered them. Then, indeed, we fired and adopted them into their camp, close to which is a thick wood, very unfavorable to cavalry. He received a really galling fireplace, by which his horse fell in entrance of his dragoons. In an instant his breast was pierced by a bayonet, which nevertheless wounded him however slightly. About this time General Greene had introduced our two six pounders inside one hundred yards of the home, and I believe accidentally or mistake, two others which we had taken were dropped at the same place. At this crucial juncture the enemy made a conclusive effort, which not only did them great honor, however, for my part, was the salvation of their complete military. Major Majoribanks sallied briskly from behind a picket backyard, charged our artillery, and carried the pieces, which they immediately secured under the partitions of their citadel. The General, subsequently, ordered the troops to retire, which was accomplished progressively, the enemy not presuming to comply with. The cavalry of the legion stored that of the enemy in awe, however discovered no good opportunity to cut them. They deserted the submit early on the evening of the ninth, leaving upwards of sixty of their useless unburied, and sixty or seventy wounded that could not be carried off. To have an idea of their vivacity and intrepidity, you must have shared their danger and seen their charge, which exceeded any factor of the sort I ever noticed earlier than. On the spot where the conflict of bayonets decided the victory, is a monument or mound of earth, stated to have been erected over the our bodies of the brave Indians who fell in defence of their nation. Will any such honorable testament be erected to the memory of our departed heroes The pretensions of common Greene are supported by having driven the British military off the ground on which it was originally drawn up; having pursued them right into a house which he attacked; and having afterwards drawn off his military with out being adopted. The advantages gained by the Americans in the subject, were wrested from them at the house by which main Sheridan was posted; and the slaughter sustained in the attempt to dislodge the adversary from that submit, and from the neighbouring gardens, thicket, and hedges, compensated for the earlier losses of the British military. But if the implications be taken into the account, the victory unquestionably belonged to Greene. In this, as in the two preceding battles fought by him in the Carolinas, the end result was the expulsion of the hostile military from the territory which was the instant object of contest. Marion, meanwhile, dismissed most of his militia; their having fought remarkably nicely in a get up battle in opposition to regulars at Eutaw Springs. Captain Gee, who commanded the entrance platoon, was shot down, and alleged to be mortally wounded. The ball handed via the cock of a handsome hat, that he had lately procured, tearing the crown very a lot, and in its progress, the pinnacle additionally. He lay for a substantial time insensible; the greater half of} the day had handed utilizing a|with no} beneficial symptom; when, suddenly reviving, his first inquiry was after his beaver, which being introduced him, a pal, at the same time, lamenting the mangled state of the pinnacle, he exclaimed -� `O, never think of the pinnacle; time and the Doctor will put that to rights; but it grieves me to think, that the rascals have ruined my hat for ever! Temporarily absenting himself from his military, General Washington, with Rochambeau and different greater rating American and French officers, stopped for a non-public go to at Mount Vernon. On the 14th, he and Rochambeau, arriving forward of their respective troops, greeted Lafayette at Williamsburg. The tour of duty of eighty militiamen from the Salisbury district was to finish on October 6, and another fifty from the Hillsborough district "fake" that sixteen Sept. The rest of the North Carolina militia pressure, numbering some 204 men, could possibly be} mixed and "be of some service. The editor to the Greene papers says the rendezvous took place at Fairlawn, and perhaps this is what Lee meant as nicely. In any case, there, on the twelfth, he was joined by additional reinforcements from Charlestown under his superior Col. Gould then took command of the military, and Stewart, who had been wounded in the elbow in the course of the battle, retired to Charlestown. Received information that the Enemy had left the Eutaw Springs the Evening earlier than, on the Road to Monks Corner, the Genl. David Fanning and Hector MacNeil3706 launched a surprise raid on Hillsborough; seizing as captives 150-200 men (30 of those state and native officials and staffs), together with Gov. Some close by militia attempted an impromptu counterattack on Fanning, however outnumbered were all killed, taken or fled. Sometime shortly after Fanning left the city, another 100 whigs went out in pursuit only to subsequently discover themselves lost monitoring his trail. The whigs additionally lost 15 killed and 20 wounded (though these latter should in all probability be included with the prisoner whole. McDougan [Archibald McDougald] came across us and took 300 of us prisoner among whom was Governor Burk [Thomas Burke]. Hector McNiel [McNeil], together with his party from Bladen of 70 men; and in consequence of my advertisement I had additionally 435, who came in; and many of|and lots of} discovered me afterwards.

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    McKean to Selfridge, 1861-63, regarding the Gulf Blockading Squadron; information on ship sightings and seizures; letters from Thomas Selfridge, Jr. Benjamin, July 6, 1864, London, regarding the Great Seal of the Confederate States of America; and a letter from Jacob Thompson to Benjamin, Dec. Contains a couple of of} remarks on sick and wounded troopers, deaths of servicemen, and troop departures. Aldrich; and a letter written by a black soldier, Samuel Jones, to Colonel Shafter, Dec. Describes 234 the voyage of the Currituck from New York to Hampton Roads as an escort to the U. Cumberland, blockade duty in Chesapeake Bay, reconnaissance and patrol duty on the James and York Rivers through the Peninsular Campaign, help rendered to runaway slaves and Unionist refugees, the seize of Confederate blockade runners American Coaster and Planter, and skirmishes with Confederate shore batteries. Includes remarks on skirmishes at Holy Springs, Tallahatchie River, and Abbeville, Miss. Merrimac and from camps in North Carolina, 1862-63, regarding the voyage of the 43d Massachusetts from Boston to North Carolina, camp life, coaching, and morale, and sentiment in the Army toward Gens. Chiefly postwar letters to Shellenberger written in response to his articles on the Battle of Franklin, Tenn. Contains official correspondence, letterbooks, orders, dispatches, battle and reconnaissance reviews, and clippings regarding the Stones River, Tullahoma, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Shenandoah Valley (1864), and Appomattox campaigns, nicely as|in addition to} telegraph books, lists of battles and skirmishes, notes on the Union spy, Rebecca Wright, of Winchester, Va. Includes quite a few solicitations for navy appointments and promotions, ideas on navy organization and technique, appeals for trade from Union and Confederate prisoners of war, reviews on the situation, location, and performance of the Sherman brigade (64th and 65th Ohio Regiments), and letters regarding navy pay and bounties, sutlers, the return of runaway slaves, the Siege of Fort Pulaski, generalship, guerrilla warfare, the Shiloh and Corinth campaigns, the attitude and remedy of noncombatants in the South, and the Presidential election of 1864. Stanley, 236 Philip Henry Sheridan Lorenzo Thomas, Stewart Van Vliet, and Gideon Welles. Contains a letter from Fitz-John Porter to Sherman, June 28, 1861, regarding Confederate spies in western Maryland, troop positions, and technique; a letter from Fitz-John Porter to Sherman, July 26, 1861, defending himself in opposition to criticism for his failure to prevent Gen. Jackson from reaching the Manassas battlefield; and miscellaneous letters regarding the war from Samuel F. Political and navy correspondence between General Sherman and Senator John Sherman, letters from Mrs. Miscellaneous items comprise navy accounts, telegrams, intelligence reviews, orders, clippings, maps, drafts of the Memoirs of General William T. Grant of the Armies of the United States-1864-65 (1865), "Particulars of the Death of Maj. Schofield, Carl Schurz, William Sooy Smith, Frederick Steele, George Stoneman, David Stuart, George H. Chiefly personal correspondence and papers of the Sherman and Thomas Ewing households. Provides some information on the Shiloh, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Savannah, and Carolinas campaigns, generalship, and the politics of war. Contains remarks on the arrival of varied regiments in Washington, the organization of employees at the Washington Navy Yard to assist oppose Gen. Edward Shippen, surgeon, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery Reserves, 1862-63, from William T. Provides information on casualties, marches, discipline, provides, depredations, and morale. Includes a couple of of} particulars on the battles of Malvern Hill, Cedar Mountain, Groveton, and Sharpsburg; the seize of Harpers Ferry; and the burning of public buildings at Martinsburg, W. Also features a listing of men in the 33d Virginia killed or wounded in the Antietam Campaign, and miscellaneous accounts. Malvern; notes and sketches on ordnance and armaments; and postwar sketches of the U. Macy to Simmons, July 12, 1861, describing the Confederate privateer Echo and tactics used by privateers, and routine letters from troopers and civilians looking for commissions or promotions, or selling new and improved weapons. Includes about forty letters written chiefly to Simpson, 1861-64, regarding the appointment of officers and chaplains, promotions, the Christian Sanitary Commission, discrimination in opposition to Methodist troopers, higher class help for the war in the South, conflicting claims for church property, navy use of church buildings, black troops, secessionist sentiment at Murfreesboro, Tenn. Includes about 20 letters from Smith to his sister, 1863-64, regarding his service on the U. Weehawken; naval assaults on Forts Moultrie, Sumter, Wagner, and Gregg; black troops, and the naval brigade. Additional items include a quick biographical sketch of Smith and a membership badge from the 1914 assembly of the first New York Dragoons Association. Garrett on the performance of the Williamsburg Light (Lee) Artillery in an assault on Fort Magruder, May 5, 1862; Gen. Tucker, May 1, 1862, regarding transportation for sick troopers; a private letter by John Slidell, Aug. Hartford early in the war, a sea voyage to Louisiana, the seize of Forts Jackson and St. Philip, and the give up of New Orleans, guerrilla warfare alongside the Mississippi River, Adm. Includes an inventory of Confederate troopers and sailors from Maryland, together with their rank, county, and service record; clippings and miscellaneous notes and letters on the war; and information on officers and men from the State of Maryland killed or wounded in the war. Contains a couple of of} leaves from a notebook containing knowledge on vessels used in the war: measurements, tonnage, builder, designer, ordnance, value, and so on. Observations on the war made by Smith, a cousin of Julia Dent Grant, throughout a visit with Gen. Includes a couple of of} particulars on the battles of Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain, and Missionary Ridge. Smith to his mother and father, July 1864-May 1865, regarding a skirmish with Confederate forces alongside the coast of South Carolina, Gen. Smith to her daughter written from Chesapeake Military Hospital near Fort Monroe, Va. Contains speeches by former officers in the Army of the Potomac regarding their wartime experiences. Extract from a decision of the Governor and council, July 21, 1862, concern- ing the punishment of anybody failing to reply when summoned to serve in the 1st Corps, South Carolina Reserves. Commissions, enlistment and discharge certificates, miscellaneous accounts and receipts, muster roll for Company A, and a table showing casualties, desertions, discharges, and new recruits in Company A, Apr. Davis, the 248 Battle of Perryville, black life, the attitude of blacks toward the war, problems with slave owners, Confederate prisoners of war, guerrilla warfare, generalship, and the Knoxville and Carolinas campaigns. Discharge certificates from the 4th New Jersey Militia Regiment, July 31, 1861, the 5th New Jersey Volunteers, Mar. Includes remarks on camp life, illness, discipline, entertainment, slavery, black life, faith in the Federal Army, guerrilla warfare, provides, the displacement of noncombatants, foraging expeditions, the attitude of noncombatants, troop actions in Kentucky and Tennessee, and the persecution of Confederate veterans after the war. Includes two navy passes, July 1861, and a letter from Spofford to his wife, July 23, 1861, describing the panic among Federal troops at the Battle of 1st Manassas. Contains information on the Port Hudson and Red River (1863) campaigns, the Battle of Irish Bend, the recruitment and performance of black troops, camp life, morale, discipline, illness, deaths, desertions, black life in Louisiana, Confederate spies, depredations, and the remedy of noncombatants. Diary entries additionally include a muster roll of the 13th Connecticut, miscellaneous accounts, a complete listing of the boys who served in the regiment, and particulars on the origin, well being, bodily appearance, and service of every recruit. Early in the Battle of 1st Manassas, an assault on the barge canal at Great Falls, Md. Also contains remarks on camp life, 250 892 Sprague, Homer Baxter (1829-1918) entertainment, marches, desertions, discipline, his seize and trade in May 1863, and the motion of the Washington Artillery from Petersburg, Va. Army, using of} runaway slaves as troopers, generalship, the Lincoln assassination, ordnance reviews, subject returns, memoranda from consultations with numerous generals, letters and reviews on the trade of prisoners of war, plans and ideas for campaigns, and miscellaneous items. Includes copies of addresses regarding his seize at the Battle of Gettysburg and his remedy at Libby Prison in Richmond, Va. Describes the Wilderness and Spotsylvania campaigns and prison life at Point Lookout, Md. Provides information on the conduct of black guards at Point Lookout Military Prison, prison morale, diet, illness, deaths, hospital care, entertainment, escapes, and dishonesty among prison guards. Also contains the names, models, and home addresses of 16 Confederate officers, and a published bibliography of prison narratives. Contains correspondence regarding secession, the Confederate provisional authorities, the C. Notes on blacks in the Civil War and on Jefferson Davis, eventualities for "Lee and the Confederacy" and "For the Union," photoplays in the Chronicles of America sequence, and situation notes for "Lincoln.

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    Members of the service provider marine who, by cause of service in the service provider cause, are absent from the place of residence where the member is in any other case certified to vote. Spouses or dependents of the members described above who, by cause of the energetic responsibility or service of the member, are absent from the place of residence where the spouse or dependent is in any other case certified to vote. Persons who reside outside the United States and its territories and are certified to vote in the final place by which they were domiciled earlier than leaving the United States. Persons who reside outside the United States and its territories and (but for such residence) would be certified to vote in the final place by which the particular person was domiciled earlier than leaving the United States and its territories. Marks, in his official capacity as Commissioner of the Bureau of Commissions, Elections, and Legislation. Attached as Exhibit 1 is a true and proper copy of a transcription of the audio recording provided by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court of the oral argument held on January 17, 2018 in League of Women Voters, et al. Attached as Exhibit 2 is a true and proper copy of a letter from Kathleen Gallagher to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court enclosing a letter from Michael C. All man or individuals who stand (inaudible), who in any other case have enterprise may now appear and they shall be heard. This Court has exercised extraordinary jurisdiction to entertain a challenge by Mr. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 3 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 petitioners, the League of Women Voters, and a group of Democratic voters, to the current congressional districting plan in Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth Court has lent its help in addressing factual issues and providing proposed conclusions recommending that this challenge be rejected. As I perceive it, petitioners intend to current the principle argument in support of the challenge. Counsel for intervenors, a group of Republican voters, will comply with with a short supplemental argument. The Court has studied the submissions and may be very aware 202-220-4158 Henderson Legal Services, Inc. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument four 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 of each the problem concerned - or implicated and the arguments of counsel which - all of which is going to assist us transfer this matter along. Army helicopter pilot, think about him standing on line waiting to vote and a gentleman comes up to as} him and says, good morning, Mr. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 5 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 suppose that you simply and your neighbors are likely to to|prone to} vote for the opposition candidate. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 6 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 the democrats. This Court has held that the Constitution of Pennsylvania supplies broader protection, particularly it expressly protects freedom of expression by reference to the textual language free communication. The Court went the extra step and mentioned for marketing campaign donations, political expressive conduct, those - infringements on those would even be judged under strict scrutiny. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument eight 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 So this can be a|it is a} case where we say strict scrutiny applies, as a result of|as a outcome of} voting is expressive conduct. Their objection, which I will come to , is that there should be an exception in this instance. The different cause after all strict scrutiny ought to apply is as a result of|as a outcome of} not only does this contain a burden on the best to vote, however this is an act by the government which threatens to undermine the essence of representative democracy. Was this a case of discriminating in the voters, yes, the Commonwealth Court found so and there was an unlimited quantity of proof on which the Commonwealth primarily based its discovering. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 9 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 document. On the shapes of the maps themselves, the first thing I would commend to the Court is the map of the 7th District. The 4th District is that this completely ruby 202-220-4158 Henderson Legal Services, Inc. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument eleven 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 purple district after which they connect on the very high of it, the blue Harrisburg, however not all of Harrisburg, simply a part of|part of} Harrisburg. You can see what occurred is they cracked Harrisburg in half and put it into a district which is completely republican. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 12 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 compact. From where do you draw that conclusion that those traditional criteria actually apply in this context In Mellow that those are the, thanks, Your Honor, that those self same principals would apply in a congressional race. Chen found was that - he drew 500 maps at random, respecting those traditional criteria, and never certainly one of them appears remotely like Act 131. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 14 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 as many counties. Chen scored those maps, the most typical consequence is a 9-9 even republican/democratic split. So by creating a neutral map, or neutral set of maps, in comparison with} Act 131, we are able to} see simply how partisan Act 131 is. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 15 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 a part of|part of} the drawing of the map In different phrases, of the 18, what number of} have a Republican majority registered voters and how most of the 18 have a Democratic majority of registered voters The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument sixteen 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 extra Democratic registered - there are extra counties with Democratic registered voters. So in different phrases, essentially the most predictive method to look at at|have a glance at} how an individual voter or group of voters - they actually say teams of voters. The most predictive method to determine how a precinct is going to vote in the subsequent 202-220-4158 Henderson Legal Services, Inc. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 18 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 that conclusion. What the document says is that finest way|the means in which} you determine whether the district is likely to to|prone to} go Democratic or Republican is to look at at|have a glance at} precise prior votes cast, not registration. What political scientists look at at|have a glance at} and what politicians look at at|have a glance at} are how do individuals vote in precise elections. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 19 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 municipality, the precinct stage -is how did these individuals vote in different elections. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 20 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 review for constitutionality, however some quantity of partisanship was essentially contemplated when this was provided not to an independent commission, not to the judiciary, however to the legislature. I suppose an excellent case to look at at|have a glance at} is Elrod versus Burns (ph), that was a case by which in Cook County the customized was - whichever sheriff received the election, he received to - in the event that they} modified events, he received to fireplace all the employees who had been there earlier than. So when a Democratic sheriff was elected in Cook County, he fired the Republican employees and they sued. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 22 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 favor of the one particular person, one vote. They could decide up 7,000 In votes from a contiguous county to the east or they could decide up 7,000 votes at a contiguous county to the west. Can they not actually have the ability to} meet the equal population requirement choose the 7,000 voters to the -to be - to the east The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 23 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 in opposition to. If normally - if normally, which is - truly I thought I was articulating what your argument was. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 24 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 discriminate primarily based on how voters vote, but when the Court felt want to|the necessity to} restrict that principal, that finest way|the means in which} the Court could restrict it would be to present that - the map would only offend constitutional principals if the normal districting criteria were subordinated. Not all political choices contain discriminating in opposition to individuals primarily based on what their affiliation is. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 27 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 how individuals vote that burdens the voters by diluting their vote in indirectly and devaluing their vote. The Court can add the limiting principal that the plaintiff would also -the petitioner would also have to present that the normal districting principals were subordinated. In different phrases - and I suppose we make -this goes I suppose to your point, Justice Baer. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 29 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 mentioning, those things are proof. Those are the methods by which you show your case by a preponderance of the proof. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 30 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 going to transfer on hear to} from the other lawyers. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Oral Argument 31 1 2 3 four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 review.


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