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Admission Procedure
Important information of registration

Registration form is basic for admission. Parents can get that form from the office of reception, accounts or can download it from our website. The filled registration form must be submitted to the school office before taking the admission.

Parents/ Guardians of students seeking admission to class nursery can bring their children to school for a personal interview at any working day between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. There will be an interview with the students and parents. If the student found unsatisfactory for class there will be a necessary entrance test taken afterwards.

Mode of selection:

Annual fees are paid once a year for the following topics:

Twelve months payment will get one month free/ discount

Onetime payments for whole year are as follows:

Annual fees
Books and copies
School calendar
2 ties
1 sweater
Books and copies:

Books and copies are available at the school office.

Please collect books and copies after clearance of fees for the current session. It is compulsory to use school copy.

If the books are not bought within 15 days time, the parents are requested to buy them from the stationary shop.

Girls Boys
Gray tunic Gray tunic
White shirt White shirt
Gray sweater Gray sweater
White socks White socks
Gray stocking ---
Black leather shoes Black leather shoes
Belt Belt
House Dresses
Girls and Boys
Yellow T- Shirt
Black blue track with yellow stripes
White socks
White shoes
School Timing

Students and Staffs are requested to enter the school area on time at 9:00 am.


School Bus, Route and Time

Bus Stop and time:

9.00 am

Our school provides a hostel for the students. They can stay here during school times and will get all facilities and care they need for their learning process and personal development.

Scholarship Programme

SMEA provides scholarships for both need based and merit based students. The scholarships should support the students to improve their academical knowledge and to explore their internal capacity for their individual welfare and the welfare of the community and nation.

Merit based scholarships will be provided for deserving students on base of a standardized test, internal examinations, creativity of the students, extra talents and school toppers.

Merit based scholarship
School topper 100% free for monthly fee and book
Class topper 50% free for monthly fee

Need based scholarships will be provided for those students who are from poor economic background or life in remote areas.

Need based scholarship
School fees
Books and copies/ diary
School dress
Hostel stay

Donors will be informed about the progress of the programme.

For more information, contact administration or admission office.

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