• Our Achievements

    World champion in world Karate championship

    International champion in international Karate championship

    Historic Record in SEE board with GPA 4.0.

    Singing champion in Valley wide singing competitions (Hat trick)

    Drama champion in Shailee Theater.

    Drama champion in valley wide SAAT dramatics contest.

    Champion in Poetry and Debate competitions by SAAT, NPABSAN .

    Outstanding award in News reading contest by SAAT .

    Wonderful award in Valley wide Cultural Dance competitions by SAAT.

    Senior Member in National Pabsan, Kathmandu district committee( Principal)

    Secretary of Kathmandu Handball Association ( Principal)

    Secretary of SAAT organizations ( Principal)

    Planning and policy central member of WVAN ( Principal)

    Think tank member of Principal Group of School ( Principal)

    Hard working principal award by Motivate news.com ( Principal)

    President of Sambhavi Media Network ( Principal)

    Best teacher trainer award ,DOE( Reed Nepal) ( principal)