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    Note that this expression assumes the atom to be within the explicit state J m, and thus the scattering price must be averaged over all populated ground states, weighted by their steady-state inhabitants. This expression assumes that each one|that each one} spontaneous-scattering occasions return the atom to one of many J levels. Argue that this expression is right to lowest order within the field depth, topic to the above assumptions. Note that we now sum over all possible final hyperfine levels F, within the case of hyperfine-changing Raman scattering occasions. Atomic Angular-Momentum Structure the D-line fine-structure doublet in hydrogen and hydrogen-like (alkali) atoms is a transition doublet from an S1/2 ground state to a pair of excited states, P1/2 and a P3/2, with the P3/2 at larger vitality. What is the (intensity-dependent) shift of the opposite F, mF states at these wavelengths Hence, at this field value, the splitting is insensitive to first order to fluctuations within the field. In this gauge, = 0 within the absence of costs (we will reintroduce the sources later after we treat the atom�field interaction), so the fields are given by (8. Lorenz, ``On the Identity of the Vibrations of Light with Electrical Currents,' Philosophical Magazine 34, 287 (1867). This equation is actually the whole content material of the Maxwell equations in this gauge, since the that} other three equations are implied by the Coulomb-gauge situation and the relations between the fields and the potentials. Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field � B = � (� A) = 0, � E = -t � A = -t B. Usually a functional will contain an integral to cut back features to scalars, as within the motion functional that we contemplate under. Let x(t) F; then F [x] is a real number, and the first variation of the functional F [x] is given by F [x; x]:= lim 0 F [x + x] - F [x] d = F [x + x] d, =0 (8. The first variation is actually the ``linear response' of F [x] to a small perturbation x(t) - x(t) + x(t). We will then define the functional spinoff F /x such that F, x x t2:= t1 F x dt:= F [x; x]. Thus, the functional spinoff is the part of of} the first variation after dropping the integral and the variation x. A functional could depend upon derivatives of the operate; suppose that t2 F [x, xt, xtt. Then the first variation turns into t2 F [x, xt, xtt, � � �; t] = Integrating by components, t2 t1 f f f xt + xtt + � � � dt. Dirac, Lectures on Quantum Mechanics (Belfer Graduate School of Science, 1964), Lecture 1. The other generalization to the functional spinoff is to many features and dimensions, which occurs within the pure means, F F y dnx:= F [y; y] (8. For instance, in a least-action principle, features that reduce the functional correspond to physical options. As a concrete instance, we can to} state an ``action principle' for straight traces, within the sense of setting up an motion principle that says that the shortest path between two points p1 and p2 is a straight line. That is, contemplate the length functional for the curve y(x), with x1,2 marking the points p1,2: x2 [y] = x1 1+ dy dx 2 dx. Since A is the ``position' coordinate, which we can to} see from the ``kinetic vitality' term (t A)2 term within the Lagrangian, the conjugate momentum is given by:= L = 0 t A = -0 E. Computing the functional derivatives (see below), we find - 0 c2 (� (� A)) - t 0 (t A) = 0, (8. The other Hamilton equation, t A = contains primarily no information, because it implies - 0 E = H. Thus, we see how the Hamiltonian construction of the electromagnetic field arises throughout the Coulomb gauge, which is able to} now permit us to quantize the sector. The Lagrangian and Hamiltonian right here satisfy this definition, as a result of} the spatial integration, in the identical means because the motion integral above. This is simple to consider, as this is just a linearization within the variations, giving L(A, t A) = 0 Using the vector identification � (A � (� A)) = (� A) � (� A) - A � (� (� A)), d3r (t A) � (t A) - c2 (� (� A)) � A + 0 c2 (A � B) � da. We defined the functional derivatives in terms of|when it comes to|by means of} the first variation via internal merchandise with the variations L L, (t A) +, A. A Note that from the type of the Hamiltonian, the identical functional derivatives of the Hamiltonian have the identical types, besides that the functional spinoff with respect to A changes sign. Taking an implicit Fourier remodel, we can to} assume a monochromatic solution of frequency: A(r, t) = (t)f(r) + c. Dirac, ``The Quantum Theory of the Emission and Absorption of Radiation,' Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Pauli, ``Zur Quantendynamik der Wellenfelder,' Zeitschrift f�r Physik fifty six, 1 (1929) (doi: 10. The operate f(r) is the mode operate, which contains all of the spatial dependence of the sector. We will want the relation d3r (� A)2 = =- = k2 d3r A � (� (� A)) d3r A � (2 A) d3r A2, (8. However, the spatial dependence of the mode is fastened, so we can to} go ahead and carry out the integral to complete the analogy. Then we can to} rewrite the Hamiltonian as H= 0 d3r E 2 + 2 A2 2 0 = d3r 4 2 (t) 2 f(r) 2 2 0 4 2 (t) 2 = 2 p2 1 = + m 2 q 2, 2m 2 (8. Here, the connection to the harmonic oscillator is more apparent, and the variables p and q are still clearly canonically conjugate. Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field the usual old} quantum relations for the coordinate operators in terms of|when it comes to|by means of} the creation and annihilation operators are q= p= h � a + a 2m m� a - a h 2 i (8. Of course, the vitality degree n is colloquially called the ``number of photons,' and a(t) is the annihilation operator that removes a photon from the sector. Then each mode is completely impartial of the others, and by extending the above evaluation, the Hamiltonian eight. We can now write the sector operators as a sum over the sector modes, together with the operator components: A(r, t) = k, i - i k, h � fk, (r) ak, (t) + H. However, it must be a great approximation to treat macroscopic ``boundaries' of matter in terms of|when it comes to|by means of} classical boundary situations, which 6 Note Quantization in free space5 is just like the case of the box cavity, and in reality free-space results may be obtained with some care because the restrict of a box the place V -. Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field mode features that have amplitudes that are be} impartial of r. We can write out the potential explicitly right here as Ak, (r, t) = i =i and the electrical field equally turns into Ek, (r, t) = = h � k, eik�r ak, (t) + H. This restrict is easy, the place, for example, k,k - three (k - k), and the sum over modes changes to an integral. The parallel parts of the sector should vanish on the airplane, and so we choose 2 fk, (r) = k, sin kz z - i^k,z cos kz z eik �r, ^ V (half-space mode functions) (8. The parts of the wave vector are then given by 2nx 2ny nz kx =, ky =, kz =, (8. The transverse situation � E = 0 then implies once more proscribing the variety of distinct polarizations to two. Substitution of this ansatz into the scalar Helmholtz equation yields the equations r2 r2 R + 2rr R + (k 2 r2 - c2)R = 0 1 =0 (8. Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field the place c1 and c2 are separation constants [e. Since () should be 2 periodic, clearly, c2 should be an integer, c2 = m, so that m () = eim, (8. The second separation equation thus turns into, letting x = cos and relating to to be operate of x, 2 2 1 - x2 x - 2xx + c1 - m2 1 - x2 m2 1 - x2 = 0. The angular options are generally combined, and thus the answer ()() is given by the spherical harmonics Ylm (,):= (2l + 1)(l - m)! Some examples of the lowest few (monopole and dipole) spherical harmonics are 1 Y00 (,) =, 4 Y10 (,) = three cos, 4 Y1�1 (,) = three sin e�i, eight (8. As for the radial dependence, the equation for the radial operate R(r) turns into r2 r2 R + 2rr R + [k 2 r2 - l(l + 1)]R = 0. Changing variables by setting (r):= kr R(r) results in r2 r2 + rr + k 2 r2 - l + 1 2 2 (8. The options R(r) are thus generally written as spherical Bessel features of the first and second type, defined by jl (r):= yl (r):= Jl+1/2 (r) 2r Yl+1/2 (r), 2r (8. However, after we go over to the vector-field case, the derivatives concerned will also make it non-normalizable.


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    Recognition of 3850 Ma water-lain sediments in West Greenland and their significance for the early Archaean Earth. The oldest recognized records of life: Early Archean stromatolites, microfossils, and natural matter. Towards a pure system of organisms: Proposals for the domains Archaea, Bacteria, and Eucarya. Orbital coplanarity in solar-type binary methods: Implications for planetary system formation and detection. Planetary methods round stars of late spectral varieties: A Limitation for habitable zones. The early faint solar paradox: Organic shielding of ultraviolet-labile greenhouse gases. Endogenous manufacturing, exogenous supply, and impact-shock synthesis of natural molecules: An inventory for the origins of life. Heat move, spreading price, and the age of subducting oceanic lithosphere and their results on the origin and evolution of continents. Impact melting of frozen oceans on the early Earth: Implications for the origin of life. Remarkable archaeal diversity detected in a Yellowstone National Park scorching spring environment. Submarine hydrothermal vents and related gradient environments as websites for the origin and evolution of life. Ancient scorching springs on Mars: Origins and paleoenvironmental significance of small Martian valleys. Flow rates within the axial scorching springs of the East Pacific Rise (21�N): Implications for the warmth budget and the formation of massive sulfide deposits. Asteroid comet mega-impacts may have triggered main episodes of crustal evolution. Hydrothermal hydration of Martian crust: Illustration via geochemical mannequin calculations. Hydrothermal and oceanic pH circumstances of possible relevance to the origin of life. Geochemical constraints on chemolithoautotrophic metabolism by microorganisms in seafloor hydrothermal methods. From the primitive soup to Cyanobacteria: It may have taken less than 10 million years. A hydrothermally precipitated catalytic iron sulphide membrane as a first step toward life. The emergence of life at scorching springs: A foundation for understanding the relationships between organics and mineral deposits. The emergence of life from iron monosulphide bubbles at a hydrothermal redox front. In vitro development of iron sulphide chimneys: Possible culture chambers for origin-of-life experiments. Evidence for metastable equilibrium between hydrocarbons underneath hydrothermal circumstances. Geochemical constraints on the origin of natural compounds in hydrothermal methods. Geochemical constraints on chemolithoautotrophic reactions in hydrothermal methods. Hydrothermal methods as locations of natural synthesis on the early Earth and Mars. Mars: Review and analysis of volcanic eruption principle and relationships to observed landforms. Towards a pure system of organisms: Proposal for the domains Archaea, Bacteria, and Eucarya. Integrated chemo- and biostratigraphic calibration of early animal evolution: Neoproterozoic-early Cambrian of southwest Mongolia. Lower Cambrian fossil lagerstatte from Chengjiang, Yunnan, China: Insights for reconstructing early metazoan life. The period of early evolutionary failure and the daybreak of evolutionary success: the report of biotic adjustments across 302 References the Precambrian�Cambrian boundary. Cells, embryos, and evolution:Toward a mobile and developmental understanding of phenotypic variation and evolutionary adaptability. Evidence for two forms of subunits within the bacterioferritin of Magnetospirillum magnetotacticum. The paleoproterozoic snow- 304 References ball Earth: deposition of the Kalahari manganese field and evolution of the Archaea and Eukarya kingdoms. In situ benthos and paleo-oxygenation within the Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale, British Columbia, Canada. The morphology of Opabinia regalis and the reconstruction of the arthropod stem-group. Organic preservation of non-mineralizing organisms and the taphonomy of the Burgess Shale. Burgess Shale-type preservation of each non-mineralizing and "shelly" Cambrian organisms from the Mackenzie Mountains, northwestern Canada. Head segmentation in early Cambrian Fuxianbuia: Implications for arthropod evolution. Morphological and ecological disparity in naraoiids (Arthropoda) from the Early Cambrian Chengjiang fauna, China. The persistence of Burgess Shale-type faunas: Implications for the evolution of deeper-water faunas. Fossils of the Burgess Shale, a national treasure in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. On the origin of species by means of pure selection, or the preservation of favoured races within the struggle for all times. Proceedings of the North American Paleontological Convention, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. The disparity of the Burgess Shale arthropod fauna and the boundaries of cladistic analysis: Why we should attempt to quantify morphospace. The Precambrian�Cambrian boundary: Magnetostratigraphy and carbon isotopes resolve correlation issues between Siberia, Morocco, and South China. Evidence for a large-scale Early Cambrian reorganization of continental masses by inertial interchange true polar wander. Magnetostratigraphy of Lower Cambrian strata from the Siberian Platform: A paleomagnetic pole and a preliminary polarity time scale. Triploblastic animals greater than 1 billion years in the past: Trace fossil evidence from India October 2; Science 282:80�83. New animals from the Burgess Shale (Middle Cambrian) and their possible significance for the understanding of the Bilateria. Proceedings of the North American Paleontological Convention, Field Museum of Natural His- 308 References tory, Chicago, September 5�7, 1969, Part I, pp. Disparity as an evolutionary index: A comparison of Cambrian and Recent arthropods. Discovery, collection, and description of the Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale biota by Charles Doolittle Walcott. Susceptibility of the early Earth to irrversible glaciation brought on by carbon ice clouds. Global climatic results of atmospheric dust from an asteroid or comet influence on earth. The earliest Triassic as an anoxic event, and its relationship to the End-Paleozoic mass extinction. Carbon isotope anomalies at period boundaries: Global catastrophes and their final trigger. Superanoxia across the Permo-Triassic boundary: Record in accreted deep-sea pelagic chert in Japan: In Global environments and assets, pp. Sudden and gradual molluscan extinctions within the latest Cretaceous of Western European Tethys.

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    Then factors of cos 2kz z in the subsequent expressions are multiplied by h2 (k), which cuts off the high-frequency ends of the above integral. To consider the above integral, want to|we have to} introduce the auxiliary capabilities to the sine and cosine integrals. Now using the integral representation of the auxiliary operate f (z) from Problem thirteen. To simplify the antisymmetric half (involving the distinction of dj, and a couple of|and a pair of} dj,z), we must reintroduce the Thomas�Reiche�Kuhn sum rule. Of course, the label zero can refer to any ^ vitality eigenstate, not just the ground state. The E-gauge summations typically converge extra rapidly, for the reason that} dipole matrix parts to high-energy states typically drop off rapidly (high-energy states are likely to|are inclined to} be far-off from the nucleus, in contrast to|not like} low-energy states). The derivatives of the auxiliary capabilities are given by z f (z) = -g(z) z2 f (z) = -z g(z) = so that the second spinoff generates a time period of the shape 2 2 dj, /2 - dj,z 1 - f (z), z 2kj0, z2 (13. The interaction vitality of two dipoles d1 and d2 is Vdip = d1 � d2 - 3(^12 � d1)(^12 � d2) r r, 3 (40)r12 (13. Mechanical Effects of the Quantum Vacuum we are able to} write the static-dipole interaction as 1 1 g e2 z 2 g. We can see that in the quick range, this effect is largely a classical dipole�image interaction, apart from the interpretation of the dipole as an expectation worth. The force here is thus as a result of} zero-point fluctuations of the atomic dipole, which induce a mean-square dipole that interacts with its image to produce the force. The retardation means that the dipole is no longer fully correlated with its image, and for this reason the potential falls off extra rapidly (like z -4 as a substitute of z -3) in the far-field regime. However, if j is of decrease vitality than, then takes on the function of an excited state for the transition, and j < zero. In the interaction Hamiltonian, these modified phrases are as a result of} the usual old} energy-conserving phrases j a and j ak, versus the energy-nonconserving phrases k, j ak, and j a phrases would possibly be} answerable for the ground-state shift. The derivation then carries through as for the ground state, with possibly unfavorable wave numbers in the resolution (13. Milonni, ``On the quantum nature of the Casimir�Polder interaction,' Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 33, L143 (2000) (doi: 10. However, Ci(z) is a bit more more} difficult: Ci(z) has a branch reduce along the (-z)-axis, and it picks up a further time period when the sign of the argument modifications:7 Ci(-z) = Ci(z) - i (0 < arg z <) (- < arg z < 0). Thus, for our functions, we might write Ci(-z) = Ci(z) for actual z, and successfully, f (-z) = -f (z) + cos z, additionally for z actual. That is, if the frequency is unfavorable (for a time period in the sum comparable to a lower-energy level), the sign of the f (z) operate modifications, and an additional time period seems. Redefining the scaled coordinates zj:= 2 kj z, j 1 2 z z 2 2 + dj, /2 + dj,z z2 1 z f (2 kj z)-(j) cos(2 kj z). Thus, we find V (osc) = 3 h � j four j< ^2 ^2 j, /2 - j, - j, /2 + j, z2 ^2 ^2 j cos zj, zj (13. Thus, we are able to} interpret the the potential unique to excited states as a classical dipole potential as a result of} the spontaneously radiated area. However, what the classical model misses is the f (z) half, which is a manifestation of the quantum vacuum. As we noted above, the ground-state Casimir�Polder potential is an effect of reflecting digital photons, and we now see that the excited-state potential additionally consists of effects as a result of} actual photons bouncing from the mirror. To study this extra quantitatively, contemplate a two-level atom,8 by which case the excited-state shift comparable to Eq. For small z, cos z - f (z) = /2 + O(z), and thus the quantum near-field (van der Waals) shift is half the classical worth. If we select to determine the classical and quantum mean-square dipoles a unique way|in another way} to make them agree in the near-field, then the quantum shift will be double the classical shift in the far area. For instance, if we calculate the transition frequency shift to compare to the classical case, we get the mixture cos z - 2f (z), which vanishes to zeroth order. This straightforward to justify, for the reason that} selfenergy is built-in over all area and thus independent of r. The contribution is thus z-independent and disappears in the renormalization of the Casimir�Polder potential. Of course, the above interaction Hamiltonian was derived using a area commutator, specifically a freespace area commutator. Mechanical Effects of the Quantum Vacuum - - - - (Recall that k = k except kz = -kz, and = except that zz = -1. The area vitality thus transforms as U (re) d3r E (r) z>0 2 U (re) = = + d3r U (re)E (r)U (re) z>0 2 d3r E (r) z>0 1 2 zero 2 + 2 zero We have defined here the mirrored area E (r):= 2e 2e re � E (z z) + re � E (-z z) ^ ^ zero zero 1 2 d3r P (r - z z) + 2 ^ d3r P (r + z z) ^ zero z>0 z>0 2 + 2 (13. However, the sphere operator E (-z z) vanishes, since it refers to the sphere amplitude behind ^ the conductor, the place it vanishes. The different polarization phrases reduce very simply, using the properties [P (r)]2 = [P (r-)]2 and P (r) � P (r) = P (r) � P (r). Note that the z coordinate here is the location of the atom, not a element of the mixing variable r. Note that the integrand is axially symmetric, apart from the tensor half, and thus the integral vanishes if =, as in this case the dependence on the - axial angle will be sin, cos, or sin cos. We can even see that the by no means contributes, in view of the integral d3k e-i2kz z = = 2 zero d3k cos(2kz cos) dk k 2 zero d sin cos(2kz cos) (13. Thus, for the shift of degree, ~ Edipole-image, = Hdipole-image = e2 re,� re, (I3)� 20 1 2 2 dj, + 2dj,z. Note that this result-where contributions boundary phrases from the Power�Zienau transformation cancel the static image energies-always holds, independent of the form of the boundary. Thus, the integrands are multiplied by factors of (kj0 /k)2 compared to with} the previous calculation in the E gauge. Evaluating the I1 integral, 2 I1 = 2k0 2 = 2k0 1 cos(2kz z) k(k + k0) - k2 dkz 3 z cos(2kz z). Thirunamachandran, ``Quantum electrodynamics in a cavity,' Physical Review A 25, 2473 (1982) (doi: 10. Thus, the two integrals give equivalent outcomes for the asymmetric-dipole the Casimir�Polder potential. To consider the second integral I2, the procedure is similar to the case for I2: 2 I2 = 2k0 zero dk zero d k sin cos2 cos(2kz cos) (k + k0) sin(2kz) cos(2kz) sin(2kz) +2 -2 2 2kz (2kz) (2kz)3 zero = four zero k dk (k + k0) 2 = -k0 1 1 1 2 z - 2 z + 3 2z z z zero dk sin(2kz) k 2 (k + k0) (13. These constants are set by noting that the integral in the fourth line above vanishes for z = zero, and that f (0) = /2. The second time period in I2 leads to an vitality shift of the shape 1 320 z 3 2 2 dj, /2 + dj,z = j 1 1 2 g d 2 + dz g. This vitality corresponds to an unretarded vitality, and clearly must be canceled to produce the right quantum (retarded) shift. Thus, we see that the A-gauge interaction Hamiltonian provides the identical result as the whole E-gauge dipole interaction Hamiltonian. There is here no fixed of integration from evaluating h the antiderivative, for the reason that} integral in the third step above vanishes for z = zero, and limz (z log z - z) = zero; the opposite fixed of integration contributes a linear time period that vanishes subsequently beneath the spinoff. Again, this time period is level-independent, and thus this cancellation occurs for any atomic degree, not just the ground state. We can do this by noting z2 j 1 1 f (zj) - j cos zj = z 2 + zj j 1 2 3 - z zj j f (zj) - j cos zj + 2 2 g(zj) - j sin zj, zj (13. The hyperfine F dipole moment may be factored a Wigner 3-j symbol, F mF erq F m = F er F (-1)F F -1+mF 2F + 1 F m F 1 F q -mF, (13. This may be additional factored a 6-j symbol and a lowered matrix element for the fine-structure transition: F er F J I F er J I F = J er J (-1)F +J+1+I (2F + 1)(2J + 1) J J 1 F F I. For the ground and D1 (5P1/2) states, we are able to} consider this sum with the above formulae, and it turns out to be particularly easy: F, mF er0 F, mF 2 = 1 J er J 2. Taking I = 3/2, J = 3/2 for the excited state in the D2 line (5P3/2), there are two potentialities relying on kind of|the kind of} transition. If we contemplate coupling to the ground (5S1/2) state, then J = half, J = 3/2, and for the perpendicular dipole moment, (3 - mF)(3 + mF)/30, F = 3 1/6, F = 2 F, mF er0 F, mF 2 = J er J 2 �. Clark, ``Relativistic many-body calculations of electric-dipole matrix parts, lifetimes, and polarizabilities in rubidium,' Phys. The shifts in the long-distance approximation computed by summing the dipole moments agree with these computed from the static polarizability value17 of zero = h � zero. The shift here is scalar, so every one|that each one} hyperfine levels in the manifold are shifted equally. We will begin by evaluating the first-order perturbation, to which only the A2 time period contributes.

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    The architect develops a number of|numerous|a variety of} different views of the structure reflecting various makes use of and users (Whitcomb et al. A sociotechnical modeling technique should be multi-perspective, multi-method and multi-scale (see chapter 4). Literature features tailored advert hoc modeling approaches for architecting advanced techniques in several fields. Some sociotechnical techniques such as the healthcare system, receive nice deal of|quite a lot of|a substantial quantity of} analysis attention. Other in style topics embody network-centric warfare techniques, urban mobility techniques, air transportation techniques, humanitarian logistics, on-line social networks, maritime surveillance techniques and so on. In such long-lived large-scale techniques previous architectural selections have led to unanticipated effects in present system behavior. Bearing this in mind, this thesis asks the following questions: Can a model-centric framework information sense-making of complexity and emergence in advanced sociotechnical techniques architecting Chapter 2 reviews what is meant by complexity in techniques in literature, masking various techniques fields. Drawing from the literature evaluation, chapter 3 proposes a complexity taxonomy for sociotechnical techniques that disentangles complexity into social system, technical system and ecosystem complexity factors. However, for the aim of techniques architecting, this thesis proposes using a phenomena-based structure description of advanced sociotechnical techniques that reflects the complexity taxonomy. Illustration of the phenomena-based description on three case examples shows that sociotechnical techniques of various nature emphasize different types of|several types of|various kinds of} phenomena and different flavors of complexity. It is obvious that one needs models for sensemaking of techniques structure, but what modeling method is finest suited to the duty is much less apparent. This analysis means that appropriateness of the model decided by} the flavor of complexity displayed by the system, which is mirrored within the kinds of phenomena recognized in techniques structure. Social complexity factors name for different modeling approaches than technical complexity factors. Chapter 5 applies the framework to an empirical take a look at case on the Collaborative Decision Making System at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. Chapter 6 summarizes the findings from the thesis, points out some limitations of the take a look at case, suggests how additional work could mitigate these limitations and prolong the framework to techniques of a unique nature. Finally, it extends the concerns developed in chapters 4 and 5 on model-centric approaches for techniques architecting to the topic of model curation, which has lately acquired a lot attention within the techniques neighborhood. This part reviews understandings of the word "complexity" from a number of} fields, to give a glimpse into the multiplicity of interpretations and measurements of complexity. In computational complexity concept, the complexity of a problem is the required quantity of sources required for a computer to solve it. This one definition already permits for 2 different metrics: time complexity - the variety of steps it takes to resolve the problem - or house complexity - the amount of reminiscence used by the algorithm to resolve the problem. In algorithmic information concept, the Kolmogorov complexity � additionally algorithmic complexity � of a mathematical object, similar to a string of characters, is the size of the shortest program that outputs that object. Complex techniques are a somewhat recent self-discipline of analysis in techniques architecting and undoubtedly, establishing a disciplinary definition of complexity will require additional analysis and dialogue among the many neighborhood. Rather, complexity is looked at from a practical standpoint: a tractable definition of advanced techniques is needed within the subject of techniques 23 architecting to be able to|be succesful of|have the flexibility to} devise suitable modeling approaches to tame advanced architectures. The subsequent part reviews literature on complexity definitions, measures, and characterizations, and on emergence, which is often associated to complexity in techniques. A system is a assemble or collection of various components that together produce functionality not obtainable by the elements alone. Complexity has additionally been studied together with the aim of understanding the bodily structure of a product with many elements linked via various interfaces. Techniques and instruments similar to graphs, diagrams, or design construction matrices (Eppinger & Browning, 2012) for instance, have been developed to document system decomposition and integration. Systems structure refers to an abstract description of the entities in a system and the relationships between those entities, i. The structure of a system comprises the construction and relationships, the properties (function, "ilities"), behavior and dynamics of the system. Figure 2-1: Architecture plays a Central Role in Giving a System its Behavior and "Ilities", nicely as|in addition to} generating Emergent Behavior and Complexity, from (Crawley et al. Systems architects seek to decrease the influence of legacy constraints on reaching future system necessities. The on-line Oxford dictionary defines advanced as "consisting of many various and linked elements - not straightforward to analyze or understand; sophisticated or intricate". Both the target and subjective approaches are present in advanced techniques literature (Figure 2-2). Both are relevant to techniques architecting: the complexity of the structure itself, and the way the architect and stakeholders understand it. Although might be} argued (Senge, 1990; Snowden & 25 Boone, 2007) that goal complexity is akin to complicatedness and that actual complexity implies human notion of the system, this thesis will use the term complexity to designate each side of the coin. It pushed into techniques by asking them to work together, to interconnect" (Crawley, Cameron, & Selva, 2015). Complexity has been defined as the uncertainty of reaching sure necessities, which will increase as the number and interdependence of requirements enhance (Suh, 2005). Adding redundant elements to a satellite system can be seen as including gratuitous complexity, while it seen as important to system survivability. It has the potential to scale up with the variety of features, functionalities and/or the variety of objects and decided by} the observer (Crawley et al. Sociotechnical techniques by definition connect technical techniques with humans therefore obvious complexity shall be necessary to contemplate. A few characteristics of complexity were outlined but many more could possibly be} included right into a general definition of a complexity, like notions of time variance, time scales, spatial scales, nonlinearity and quick vs. It can be helpful to have a taxonomy to categorize system complexity, yet the profusion of complexity taxonomies in literature is impractical and sometimes advert hoc. The following sections will evaluation these taxonomies around recurrent themes (static vs. A frequent trait of a complex system is the multiplicity and heterogeneity of components and connections between these components. In sociotechnical techniques engineering, components would designate parts or subsystems (hardware, software program, services, elements, course of steps), humans and social entities (organizations, roles, teams and so on. Connections can be interfaces: strictly technical hyperlinks (logical, functional, spatial, temporal), human-technical interfaces (a 27 monitor as an interface between the operator and the system, a model as an interface between the architect and the system), and strictly social relationships (in a social community, an organization). Another key trait of advanced techniques is the emergence of systemic properties or behaviors. Its general emergent behavior is tough to predict, even when subsystem behavior is quickly predictable" (Sussman, 2002). This poses an acute drawback for techniques architects because of|as a end result of} emergence makes it tough to "describe, understand, predict, manage, design, and/or change" advanced techniques (Magee & de Weck, 2004). In other terms, emergence defies the aim of a system, hence makes techniques architecting a harder task. For the aim of this thesis, the following definition of advanced techniques is adopted: A advanced system is a system composed of a many interconnected components (technical, human, social. We define emergence as any noticed property or behavior of a system that was not intentionally designed into it, or anticipated previous to the operation of the system. Cascading 28 failures and accidents are a typical case of such emergence inside a system. Benign problems can spin out of control and set off a sequence of technical cause-effect chains due to misaligned or absent operator intervention. Interactive complexity arises when two - or more - benign failures happen concomitantly and interact in unexpected methods. A advanced system can be expected to exhibit many unanticipated failure modes due to dense system connectivity, which favors failure propagation. If emergence is by definition unpredictable, one might nonetheless ask if there are indicators of its likeliness, or rules for emergence administration (Crawley et al. Examples of these attributes are number and number of components, power and variety of interactions, variety of levels of freedom, nonlinearity of input/output relationships, asymmetrical structure, and path dependent constraints (Flood & Carson, 1993). In sociotechnical techniques the added human variability and intrinsic unpredictability of nondeterministic, autonomous decision-making entities. Senge (1990) argues that our notion of phenomena as rising from advanced techniques of} our inability to see and understand the whole system construction and behavior.

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    From this study it appears that|it seems that} it might be useful to analyse the interaction between the offand on-line world. Instead, the internet seems to enhance the method, which, in turn, may or may not accelerate it. Framing possible policy responses For practitioners, the growing attain of the internet (from laptops to smartphones and tablets) raises quite a few challenges. This need poses quantity of|numerous|a selection of} issues, not least whether related agencies have the appropriate assets. Differing approaches and regulatory surroundings Given the challenges they face on this subject, governments are more likely to|prone to} benefit from taking a variety of approaches. Counter-radicalisation programmes applied in Western international locations differ greatly from one another, and from non-Western programmes, phrases of|when it comes to|by means of} aims, construction, price range, and underlying philosophy. Each nationwide expertise is shaped by the political, cultural, and authorized components unique to that nation (Vidinio & Brandon 2012, p. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2012) report on this topic outlines the challenge governments face when making an attempt to sort out terrorism-related content material on the 33 internet. Other states adopt a lighter regulatory approach, relying to a higher extent on self-regulation by the knowledge sector. Investing in people It is widely agreed by the people interviewed for this study that the use of of} the internet by terrorists and extremists is a important problem for the police and other agencies, and responding to this challenge will require higher investment in people and assets. In order to achieve this the police and government authorities invest more of their digital literacy abilities in lengthy run|the lengthy term}. The senior officers interviewed for this project are conscious that they require more training and assets for tackling on-line crime, including terrorism and extremism. They all believe that as know-how and threats evolve, so too will the necessity for additional investment in training and tools. Education and training should have two aims: to increase the digital consciousness and to improve the digital resilience of supporting institutions. Identifying red-flags the police and related agencies may require closer relationships sooner or later with corporations similar to Facebook and Google to help them in figuring out red flags for susceptible individuals. For example, in certainly one of our case research, A1 created Facebook accounts which Facebook closed as a result of} their inappropriate use of beheading videos. Bridging moral considerations In a policy debate on the position of the internet governments should replicate on a number of the} moral dilemmas as well as|in addition to} the operative ones � when to intervene and steadiness security and civil liberties. Recent occasions in 2013, the place a whistle-blower revealed actions of secret providers. Government action must due to this fact tread carefully round this line and find a steadiness between the security of the population as a complete and for those who|for many who|for individuals who} could be topic to surveillance. The hazard of turning into too visible for governments and/or non-public corporations should therefore be considered when thinking of recent approaches to defend the internet from the unfold of radical ideas. Forming an efficient and acceptable counter-narrative Hundreds of hundreds of thousands of euros have been invested in counter-terrorism insurance policies and interventions. One half of} such a continuous approach is to consider previous and current actions on this space as in others. The British government has undertaken some analysis of its counter-narrative work on-line; nevertheless, for respectable causes it has not made this work public, as doing so may injury any gains made, especially these gains that have supported civil society groups. Unlike current reviews that have called for more counternarrative work, the authors believe that unbiased evaluation of the various counternarrative initiatives could be helpful to inform and help information future exercise. Paper introduced on the Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining Conference, Athens, Greece, 20�22 July, 2009. The European Union Strategy for Combating Radicalisation and Recruitment to Terrorism. Communication: "Terrorist Recruitment � Addressing the elements contributing to violent radicalization". Developments in Radicalisation and Political Violence, International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence, 2011. An Assessment of the Factors Influencing Violent Islamist Extremism and Suggestions for Counter Radicalisation Measures, Copenhagen: Danish Ministry of Defence, 2008. Neumann, Countering Online Radicalisation: A Strategy for Action, London: International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence, 2009. Walker, Jesse, `The Facebook Friend within the Plastic Bubble: Are We Filtering Ourselves to Death Australian Strategic Policy Institute Special Report, Issue 22, Canberra: Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 2009. A European Stance on a New Threat, Changing Laws and Human Rights Implications, New York: Springer, 2010, pp. Paper introduced on the Australian Information Warfare and Security Conference, Edith Cowan University Research Online, 2009. Mantel, Barbara, `Terrorism and the Internet: Should Web Sites that Promote Terrorism Be Shut Down In: Proceedings of the Second International Cyber Resilience Conference, Perth: Edith Cowan University, 2011a, pp. Yasin, Nur Azlin Mohamed, `Social Media and Terrorism in Indonesia: Enhancing or Diluting its Appeal Case Studies A1-A10 With the exception of A3, a former member of al Qaida who has now disengaged from terrorist actions, the first nine individuals interviewed by the study group are offenders convicted underneath the Terrorism Act 2000 or the Terrorism Act 2006. We outline their backgrounds beneath, including details of their ethnic origins, household and other relationships, legal backgrounds and/or schooling. Descriptions of the online and offline behaviour of each particular person are also included in Tables A. He had a legal record which included a variety of offences similar to shoplifting and aggravated assault through the period 1991 to 2011. The clouds give higher prominence to words that appear more incessantly within the supply textual content. A1 had created five Facebook accounts in total (registered underneath adopted pseudonyms), each one shut down as a result of} inappropriate content material. A1 was security conscious in his on-line behaviour and bought encryption and file deletion programmes. In mid-2011, A1 bought bomb-making materials, including portions of hydrogen peroxide and other components. A1 also hung out in quantity of|numerous|a selection of} prisons - an expertise which might have served as a possible driver of radicalisation (House of Commons 2012). No out there proof suggests that A2 was concerned in any type of extremism before assembly A1 (prior to her conviction in 2011 she had no legal record). Police would later find coordinates to a nearby air drive base saved within the satellite tv for pc navigation system she shared with A1. Maintaining security on-line was also seen as necessary � settings have been set to delete. In the mid-90s, A3 decided to follow within the footsteps of some friends and travel to Bosnia. You begin thinking of your self as elite, a vanguard, and also you look for other people like you. Online exercise A3 spotted the potential to use the internet as a recruitment tool, taking his audience share from "retail to wholesale ranges". He identified the unfold of the internet, from limited hubs similar to internet cafes to each home, as making his job as a recruiter simpler. Day to day, A3 was concerned in translating violent extremist messages in different languages to English and importing these onto an extremist web site. One which permits those who would otherwise be afraid of being seen with the wrong people to get engaged, and one which makes the entire course of more invisible to the authorities. Offline exercise A3 judges that he was radicalised previous to the advent of the internet. He is sceptical about how far on-line exercise interprets into offline behaviour change. Soon after his time in Bosnia, A3 was identified as an excellent speaker and have become a recruiter and fundraiser. Once he left Saudi Arabia A3 was energetic for 12 years before he disengaged from terrorist actions. Trial paperwork suggest that A4 was a drug person and was on methadone on the time of his arrest.

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    Attend and successfully complete a compulsory coaching course performed by Firearms Unit personnel. Biannual utility weapon and handgun qualification and proficiency taking pictures courses must be successfully completed. Officers who miss a biannual qualification will notify his/her commander, in writing, as to the reason for the missed qualification. Officers might be removed from the utility weapon program and now not authorized to deploy such weapon under the following situations: a. If an officer misses two (2) consecutive biannual qualifications without the approval of his/her commander via the chain of command; or b. If an officer fails to qualify within the first out there biannual qualification after his/her return from approved prolonged leave, as stated above. Officers deploying a utility weapon will function as a cover officer, with no other duties corresponding to looking or handcuffing till the utility weapon is secured in police automobile. Officers are prohibited from carrying any firearm which has not been inspected, approved and recorded within the earlier twelve (12) calendar months. Utility firearms discovered to be defective during an inspection might be dropped at the attention of the officer owning the firearm. Successful qualification with the utility firearm must be achieved previous to carrying the weapon. Any division owned weapons not in compliance might be instantly returned to the Firearms Unit. In addition, the Firearms Unit will produce a biannual qualifications report, no later than fourteen (14) days after the end of a biannual interval and forward the report to to} the Division Chief of Administration. Only authorized and/or issued utility firearms might be carried in police autos to be used by officers in the performance of their official police duties. The rifle might be in a case with the chamber empty, bolt forward, journal in the firearm, and the safety on. A shotgun might be in a case with the chamber empty, bolt forward, journal loaded and the safety on. Utility firearms additionally be} carried in a automobile weapon rack designed to match that particular firearm. Carrying a utility firearm in a automobile rack not designed for that particular weapons O P E R A T I O N S D E N V E R P O L I C E D E P A R T M E N T M A N U A L 111. In a locked rack contained in the police automobile passenger compartment or trunk designed to match that particular weapon, or 2. Officers using a Class 2 automobile to travel in a certified manner to secondary employment while carrying a personally-owned and authorized rifle and/or shotgun will secure the weapons in accordance with (12) a. Department issued utility firearms are the accountability of the officer to whom the weapon is issued. Command officers (the rank of Lieutenant and above) might put on a five-point (5) gold star, issued by Uniform Supply, for every completed five (5) years of sworn service with the Denver Police Department. The stars might be worn one-half (1/2) inch above the braid on the left sleeve of the uniform shirt or four (4) inches above the end of the left sleeve on other uniforms. All other uniformed officers might put on a blue material bar, issued by Uniform Supply, for every completed five years of sworn service with the Denver Police Department. The service bar might be of like material and shade as the sergeant chevron and worn as indicated on the uniform diagram. Shoulder Patches: When authorized, they are going to be worn on the left sleeve, one half (� inch) beneath the shoulder seam. Command Dress Uniform: this uniform additionally be} worn by captains and above, and just for designated occasions. The uniform will include the regulation costume coat, white shirt with four-in-hand tie (not tucked into shirt). When authorized, the regulation obligation belt and subject jacket additionally be} worn with this uniform rather than the costume coat, although designated formal occasions might require carrying the costume coat obligation belt. Sweaters: Sweaters assembly the following departmental standards additionally be} worn with the regulation uniform. Sweaters might be V-neck, 100% (100%) wool, navy blue, bolstered with patches on the shoulders, elbows and forearms, with epaulets. Sweaters might be worn solely with the regulation long-sleeved shirt and tie, or a turtleneck shirt, mock turtleneck, or crew neck t-shirt in black or dark navy blue. Sweaters might be worn with the cloth badge of the appropriate rank (silver for sergeant and beneath, gold for lieutenant and above) name plate, and acceptable insignia of rank connected. Vests - Protective: the following supplemental gadgets are designed to carry ballistic armor panels. Tactical Armor Carrier (Detectives): � � Must be constructed in Cordura fabric (dark navy blue or black) in either a zipper and/or pullover design. A maximum of five (5) pouches are authorized, and the carrier/pouches must be black in shade with no model marking or logo of any sort. No other patches, insignia, or pins/crests are authorized for display on the carrier. Specialized Outerwear: the police badge or authorized reproduction might be displayed when carrying any of the following coats or coveralls: 1. Coverall Parka - this specified parka is intended for optional put on by officers assigned to motorcycle obligation in excessive chilly weather. Leather Windbreaker Jacket - the desired leather jacket has been adopted for officers assigned to motorcycle obligation. Coveralls - coveralls additionally be} worn when authorized by the respective division chief. Sap gloves, sap type gloves, knuckle gloves, or any glove with a tough element along the knuckles. Protective gloves (without a tough element along the knuckles) are authorized for officers working police bikes and bicycles. White material formal gloves made out there to the division and additionally be} worn by officers assigned to: � Funeral Honor Guard � Special costume functions when approved by the commander supervising the element Scarf - Warmth: A scarf additionally be} worn with any of the approved jackets and coats. Car lock opening gadgets are optional and must be bought by the person officer. Any gadget used to open a automobile door lock must be professionally manufactured for that use. The determination to use a automobile door opening gadget is the discretion of the person officer. Officers should verify the motive force license and automobile registration of the requesting individual to confirm he/she is entitled entry to the automobile. When unintentional injury to a automobile results from the usage of} an automotive door lock opening gadget, a supervisor might be called to the scene to assess the injury. The officer involved will write a letter to the Civil Liability Section via the chain of command. Repaired uniforms - Officers will use sound judgement in figuring out of repaired uniform gadgets or clothing. The following standards for grooming are deemed reasonable and might be minimal pointers to be complied with by every officer every time carrying the uniform. Sides and back of hair additionally be} either tapered or block cut, but in no occasion, will the hair overhang or contact the uniform shirt collar when able of consideration. Hair might cover the upper half of the ear, provided that extra than|not more than} one-half is roofed when the cap is worn. A memorial or special day wrist band authorized by the Chief of Police additionally be} worn for a delegated interval. Medical identification bracelets and conservatively styled rings are permitted for put on. Unadorned submit earrings for pierced ears might be thought-about acceptable for feminine officers solely. If hair is longer, it must be secured or clipped up, and worn the pinnacle to conform to the above size requirement. For officer security, no braid or ponytail should be secured high on the back of the pinnacle and allowed to hold freely. Lipstick, facial, and/or eye make-up (including false eyelashes), if worn, must be conservative. The face might be clean-shaven, with the exception that the carrying of neatly trimmed mustaches might be permitted.

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    The information will be continuously updated during the course of the pandemic, and are available through our website1 and Github web page. It would appear that minimal of|no much less than} part of of} the early exterior border restrictions are outcome of} the early outbreak in Iran. There are 25 insurance policies concentrating on Iran, the earliest of which was introduced on January 31. As of April eighth, the top nations targeted with particular border restrictions had been primarily contained in the area. Furthermore, by that date, 12 out of the 14 nations in our information had utterly closed off borders to any exterior flights. By comparability, the top most targeted nations had been Iran and Italy, adopted by China, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq. This regional breakdown means that nations had been very conscious of the early risk posed by outbreaks in neighboring states, and had been keen to settle for the diplomatic consequences of banning vacationers throughout the area. However, these early patterns are now are|are actually} subsumed by the fact that|the reality that} most borders within the area are closing utterly, as is occurring all over the place on the planet. Please access the full, regularly updated dataset through our website3 and Github web page. In addition to implementing public well being measures similar to quarantines, checks and lockdowns, some states within the area also selected to frame the coronavirus as a security risk and never merely as a public well being problem. The strategic option to frame the pandemic response in security phrases could appear apparent amid national (and nationalist) efforts to cease the pandemic, particularly in Middle Eastern regimes already highly centered on security. It primarily argues that security is a speech act: an issue turns into a risk every time an actor declares it to be a matter of national security, a transfer which has distinctive political consequences. The effect of this course of, outlined by the Copenhagen School as securitization, is that by labeling something as "security," an issue is dramatized as an issue of supreme priority. As Buzan, W�ver and De Wild argue, "the special nature of security threats justifies using of} extraordinary measures to handle them"1 and the suspension of "regular politics" in coping with that problem. President Barack Obama described the Ebola outbreak as "a growing risk to regional and world security. The plan acknowledged that "a pandemic is different" from ordinary well being points, being "a combination of medication and struggle [emphasis mine]. The situation has many similarities to a struggle employing chemical and biological agents. According to Netanyahu, model new} reality of attempting to include the coronavirus justifies using of} extraordinary measures, as Buzan, W�ver and De Wild argue happens within the process of securitization. These measures included an indefinite curfew, a one-year jail sentence to those who violate it by going outside, and the closing of all businesses within the Kingdom. Jaber turned essentially the most well-known government official in Jordan to tackle the public public} on the coronavirus disaster. In his statements and media interviews, he typically said that "Jordan right now resists [the coronavirus] and will be victorious, God keen. Scholars of securitization concept are cautious of the political consequences of securitization, as the extraordinary means employed to deal with the safety risk may lead to an erosion of democratic norms and debates. Initially mild and skeptical reactions concerning the want for upheaval have largely given method to widespread agreement concerning the desirability of taking drastic steps to "flatten the curve. Such moments activate pre-existing tensions between sure Muslim constituencies and authorities. Suspending group prayer disrupts the non secular and communal lives of Muslims and, to paraphrase one American Muslim scholar, Friday prayer ranks among the many "symbols of God" on earth8 � hence the tremendous initial reluctance of different students and ordinary Muslims to quickly shutter mosques. In different communities, Muslim students and/or governments have sometimes proposed the intermediate step of holding a limited Friday prayer where a small variety of worshippers stand apart and use rugs brought from house. By mid-March 2020, videos had been circulating capturing muezzins � a few of them choking up with tears � replacing essentially the most widespread version of the decision to prayer with another version, derived from a prophetic custom, commanding worshippers to "pray in your houses. The most 15 generally cited precedents are prophetic traditions concerning the permissibility of telling Muslims to pray at house amid rain or cold;eleven some students have analogized from such traditions to make the case for the permissibility of suspending group prayer amid the pandemic. As the disaster has worsened and the debates over group prayer have become more complex, other students (Muslim and non-Muslim) have dug into post-prophetic history to discover examples of mosque closures during medieval occasions. Part of the backdrop is the continuing or renewed effort by varied states to take more control of the spiritual spheres of their nations. For example, in mid-March, Iranian authorities suppressed protests at key sites in Mashhad and Qom;sixteen and minimal of|no much less than} one Senegalese imam was briefly detained after defying a ban on holding Friday prayers within the capital Dakar. But there has been some violent pushback against bans on Friday prayer, for instance within the northern Nigerian state of Katsina. Taking up the case of Pakistan, Arsalan Khan writes, "The mosque economic system is determined by} alms and is subsequently tied to the circulate of bodies within the mosque. The Pakistani state draws immediately on Islamic authority and thus has become beholden to Islamic actors, notably to the authority of the ulema. As of Friday, April three, Pakistan had a patchwork of regulations and restrictions in place, with some provinces inserting de facto bans of Friday prayer and national authorities leaving mosques open but limiting congregation sizes. Although the Twelver Shi`a have a more formalized clerical hierarchy than the Sunni world, many clerics have reached the same conclusions regardless of sectarian affiliations or authorized schools. Looking ahead, within the near time period, key questions include how Muslims will navigate the observance of Ramadan, set to begin around April 23. Ramadan normally brings intensive socializing and group worship, but much of that activity prohibited this 12 months. Arguments about group prayer will doubtless resurface in other varieties during the sacred month, particularly the question of the way to|tips on how to} observe Eid al-Fitr, a serious Muslim vacation involving neighborhood prayer following the final day of fasting. Endnotes 1 2 three four 5 6 7 eight 9 10 eleven 12 13 14 15 Aya Batrawy and Jon Gambrell, "Saudi Officials Urge Muslims to Postpone the Hajj Until Coronavirus Pandemic Is Under Control," Associated Press, 1 April 2020. See, for instance, Muhammad al-Hasan Ould al-Dedew, Twitter, 19 March 2020, available at twitter. On the "sensorium," see Charles Hirschkind, the Ethical Soundscape: Cassette Sermons and Islamic Counterpublics (New York: Columbia University Press, 2006). Thomas Pierret, Religion and State in Syria: the Sunni Ulama from Coup to Revolution (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013); Ann Wainscott, Bureaucratizing Islam: Morocco and the War on Terror (Cambridge: Cambrige University Press, 2017); and Ahmet Kuru, Islam, Authoritarianism, and Underdevelopment: A Global and Historical Comparison (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019). Nathan Brown "Official Islam within the Arab World: the Contest for Religious Authority," Carnegie Endowment, eleven May 2017, carnegieendowment. Kathy Gannon, "Mosques Stay Open in Pakistan Even as Virus Death Toll Rises," Associated Press, three April 2020, apnews. Stephen Kalin, Lisa Barrington, and Aziz El Yaakoubi, "Saudi Arabia Releases 250 Immigration Offenders Amid Coronavirus Outbreak: Statement," Reuters, 26 March 2020. Ahmed Rasheed, "Iraq Shi`ite Pilgrims Returning from Syria Test Positive for Coronavirus: Officials," Reuters, 29 March 2020. As of March 31, the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center counted over 930,000 confirmed cases worldwide. Among the various challenges that nations within the area face, refugee protection is particularly troublesome. This is end result of|as a end result of} refugees are suffer from two contagions: coronavirus and misinformation about coronavirus. In these excessive population density areas, refugees are often already in economically precarious conditions that stop them from staying house. First, refugees lack details about coronavirus and what to do occasion that they} develop signs. A current survey from the Norwegian Refugee Council discovered that 81 % of Syrian refugees in Lebanon "lacked knowledge" that instantly name the Health Ministry hotline occasion that they} develop signs of the virus or occasion that they} want to report a suspected case. In sum, refugees are susceptible to contracting the virus in massive numbers, and that vulnerability is magnified by a lack of knowledge on the way to|tips on how to} respond and a danger that they will be scapegoated. There are many limitations to present information on the prevalence of coronavirus, but tendencies in confirmed cases nonetheless offer useful perspective. Iran and Turkey have had two of the fastest progress rates of confirmed cases within the area up to now, with the variety of confirmed cases doubling roughly every 2 days for the primary 10 days after the 100th confirmed case. Conspiracy theories figuring out the "soiled arms" of the United States behind the initiation of coronavirus have already been shared by many political leaders within the Middle East. This conspiracy concept asserts that the United States army brought the virus to Wuhan, China so as to to} weaken its economic rival China. Sunni-Shia and intra-Gulf rifts have been central cleavages concerned in these misinformation efforts.

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    S, A L E U Z E N E V E D S O E L O R T E P: o T d e k n i L(] four eight eight three 1 O E- A L E U Z E N E V[) l e s s e v (0 zero 5 three four 5 9 O M I n o it a c ifit n e dI n o it a r t si g e R l e s s e V; g alf al e u z e n e V r e k n a T li O e d u r C E R A Y. B l e d o M tf a r cr i A; three 9 9 1 r p A 2 1 e t a D er ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; three 7 9) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n o it c u rt s n o C tf a r c ri A; C N M - P E. B l e d o M tf a r c ri A; 9 eight 9 1 l u J zero 2 e t a D e r ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; zero four 7) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n oit c u rt s n o C tf a r c r i A; B N M - P E. B l e d o M t f a r c ri A; three 9 9 1 b e F eight 1 e t a D e r ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; 1 1 8) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n oit c u rt s n o C tf a r c r i A; A N M - P E. B l e d o M t f a r c ri A; zero 9 9 1 y a M 2 1 e t a D e r ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; 5 6 1) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n oit c u r t s n o C tf a r c ri A; G O M - P E. B l e d o M t f a r c ri A; 9 eight 9 1 c e D 9 1 e t a D e r ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; 9 four 1) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n oit c u rt s n o C tf a r c r i A; F O M - P E. B l e d o M t f a r c ri A; 9 eight 9 1 y a M four 2 e t a D e r ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; 9 2 1) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n o it c u rt s n o C tf a r c ri A; E O M - P E. B l e d o M t f a r c ri A; zero 9 9 1 y a M eight 1 e t a D e r ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; eight 5 1) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n o it c u r t s n o C t f a r c ri A; C O M - P E. B l e d o M tf a r c ri A; 2 9 9 1 l u J 1 three e t a D e r ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; 2 1 2) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n o it c u rt s n o C tf a r c ri A; B O M - P E. B l e d o M t f a r c ri A; three 9 9 1 b e F eight 1 e t a D e r ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; 6 1 2) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n o it c u rt s n o C tf a r c ri A; A O M - P E. D T L t r o p s n a r T x el ot u A r o t a r e p O tf a r c r i A; 5 three 1 B M E l e d o M tf a r c ri A; 2 three B four 2 four e d o C r e d n o p s n a r T S e d o M tf a r c ri A; 7 zero zero 2 p e S et a D e r u t c a f u n a M tf a r cr i A; N A A S- M. D T L s ei r t s u d n I g r u b ni L r o t a r e p O tf a r c ri A; B zero zero eight s e i r e S 5 2 1 E A B l e d o M tf a r c ri A; 5 6 zero zero zero four e d o C r e d n o p s n a r T S e d o M tf a r c ri A; 1 9 9 1 p e S et a D e r ut c af u n a M tf a r c ri A; P S C - P V. B l e d o M t f a r c ri A; 1 eight 9 1 v o N 2 1 e t a D e r ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; eight eight 7 1) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n o it c u rt s n o C tf a r c ri A; F G A - K Y. B l e d o M t f a r c ri A; 1 eight 9 1 b e F 6 zero e t a D e r ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; 6 1 7 1) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n o it c u r t s n o C t f a r c ri A; E G A - K Y. B l e d o M t f a r cr i A; zero eight 9 1 p e S 6 2 e t a D er ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; zero 7 6 1) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n oit c u r t s n o C tf a r c ri A; D G A - K Y. B l e d o M tf a r cr i A; 6 7 9 1 r p A 9 zero e t a D er ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; eight 9 1 1) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n oit c u r t s n o C tf a r c ri A; C G A - K Y. B l e d o M t f a r c ri A; 6 7 9 1 r a M eight 1 e t a D e r ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; four 9 1 1) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n o it c u r t s n o C t f a r c ri A; B G A - K Y. B l e d o M t f a r c ri A; 6 7 9 1 b e F zero 2 e t a D e r ut c a f u n a M tf a r c ri A; eight eight 1 1) N/ F r o N/ S r o N/ L d ell a c o sl a (r e b m u N n o it c u r t s n o C t f a r c ri A; A G A - K Y. Describes a decade of experience menace modeling services at Microsoft. Describes the present menace modeling methodology used in the Security Development Lifecycle. These methods have been effective at finding safety flaws in product designs, and have been included into the Security Development Lifecycle, a set of processes applied to all Microsoft products with vital safety or privateness risks1 Microsoft continues to spend money on|put money into} updating our tools, methodologies and processes with classes realized. As may be a|it is a} single writer paper, the singular pronoun is used for my very own opinions, or an authorial voice, whereas the plural is used to specific views which can fairly be attributed to the group. Additionally, menace modeling can be asset-centric, attacker-centric or software-centric. Asset-centric menace modeling usually includes some level of risk assessment, approximation or rating. Attacker-centric typically includes risk-ranking or makes an attempt to estimate sources, capabilities or motivations. Broad deployment usually indicates a variety of|quite lots of|a wide range of} menace landscapes for various deployments. Threat modeling can also be|can be} used to refer, variously, to evaluation of software, organizational networks or systems, or, as in [11] even industrial sectors. Modeling of protocols is usually carried out with a variety of|quite lots of|a wide range of} formal methods, typically called community menace models. The time period community menace modeling can also be|can be} used to refer to the evaluation of a deployed community. Finally, menace modeling can be carried out by safety specialists and shared with engineers, carried out collaboratively with both engineers and specialists, or carried out by engineers without specialists available. There are a minimum of|no less than} two reasons it may make sense to carry out menace modeling without specialists. Second, having the individuals who will build a system � not all of whom are safety specialists � concerned offers them a way of possession and an understanding of the safety mannequin. Threat modeling encompasses a wide variety|all kinds} of activities in the elicitation of safety necessities and evaluation of safety designs. It is easy to critique these in relation to some idealized notion of "what ought to be carried out, absent any constraints. There is one other important set of questions, especially for a workshop bringing together teachers and practitioners. Those questions embody "what is typically carried out" and "what are the barriers to adoption of new methods Software prices can also be included, however probably to|are inclined to} be dwarfed by the human effort concerned. The major targets for our menace modeling course of are to improve the safety of our products, to document the evaluation, (both to present a level of assurance and to re-use the analysis), and to practice people to carry out implicit safety evaluation, even when not performing explicit menace modeling duties. Experiences Threat Modeling at Microsoft three 2 Some History Threat modeling at Microsoft was first documented as a methodology in a 1999 inside Microsoft document, "The threats to our products" [8]. Additional printed Microsoft variations embody (at least): � � � � Writing Secure Code, Howard and LeBlanc, 2001 Writing Secure Code, Howard and LeBlanc, 2nd edition 2002 Threat Modeling, Swiderski and Snyder, 2004 the Security Development Lifecycle, Howard and Lipner, 2006 I listing these to illustrate that methodologies evolved, and so they evolved and proceed to evolve in response to needs we discovered as we worked. Many of those points additionally be} of curiosity to academic researchers who hope to see their innovative systems adopted. The targets of the method are to improve the safety of designs, to document the safety design activity and to educate about safety as people work via the method. The method includes four major steps: diagramming, menace enumeration, mitigation and verification. Thus a proper methology includes a set of repeatable and documented steps, with outlined inputs and outputs. Suggested replacement approaches have to show clear profit for us to think about them. I elevate this to level out that specific wording in descriptions can have surprising penalties. Brainstorming sessions are may go for specialists, however even with specialists, there are problems with completeness and repeatability. In our current tooling, we use a set of inquiries to make these threats extra concrete and accessible. For instance, "information disclosure by external entity" feels like an excellent description of a subset of privateness points. In our current tooling, we offer steerage about how every of those threats manifests towards every kind of element. From a practitioner perspective, connecting a mannequin to sensible resolution steps is important on quantity of|numerous|a selection of} levels. Providing a connection between an recognized drawback and a method to tackle the issue makes that easier. These other processes present much of our assurance as to the correctness and completeness of the menace models produced in relation to the software. Delegating the correctness and completeness to a broader set of processes has advantages and prices. The major cost is that the dearth of robust theoretical underpinnings makes it exhausting to join the models to academic work which has been carried out. Overall, we believe that the simplicity of the strategy, the mixing into the development course of, and new tooling (not offered here) present for a really effective strategy for figuring out and addressing design points in industrial software development. One of the anonymous reviewers asked for proof that `the approaches taken are the proper ones. These steps were usually added without understanding the prices, advantages or points theymight generate. I was as soon as} stunned to find an entire safety team, all of whom were conversant in menace modeling techniques and jargon, none of whom had never been to a coaching class.

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    Neisseria gonorrhoeae antimicrobial susceptibility surveillance - the Gonococcal Isolate Surveillance Project, 27 sites, United States, 2014. Infectious syphilis among adolescent and younger grownup men: Implications for human immunodeficiency virus transmission and public well being interventions. Natural history and medical administration of anal human papillomavirus illness in men and women contaminated with human immunodeficiency virus. Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Reported Cases and Rates of Reported Cases*, United States, 1941� 2018 Syphilis All Stages Year Primary and Secondary Cases Rate Early Latent Cases Rate 82. Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Reported Cases and Rates of Reported Cases*, United States, 1941� 2018 (continued) Syphilis All Stages Year Primary and Secondary Cases 28,607 27,131 27,667 35,585 40,474 forty five,826 50,578 42,950 34,009 26,527 20,641 sixteen,543 eleven,405 eight,556 7,007 6,617 5,979 6,103 6,862 7,177 7,980 eight,724 9,756 eleven,466 thirteen,500 thirteen,997 thirteen,774 thirteen,970 15,667 17,375 19,999 23,872 27,814 30,644 35,063 Rate 12. Duration or Late � Cases 17,829 18,414 18,046 22,988 27,363 22,032 25,750 27,490 26,725 30,746 27,603 24,296 20,366 20,447 17,743 sixteen,655 15,594 sixteen,976 17,168 18,319 17,300 sixteen,049 17,644 18,256 19,945 17,338 18,079 18,576 19,411 21,819 23,541 26,one hundred seventy 30,676 35,992 40,137 Rate 7. For 1941�1946, knowledge have been reported for the federal fiscal 12 months ending June 30 of the 12 months indicated. From 1947 to the present, knowledge have been reported for the calendar 12 months ending December 31. Prior to 2018, circumstances on this category embrace circumstances classified as late latent syphilis, latent syphilis of unknown duration, late syphilis with medical manifestations, and neurosyphilis. Rates embrace all circumstances of congenitally acquired syphilis per 100,000 stay births. The number of circumstances and the rates proven right here supersede these published in previous reviews. Total includes circumstances reported by the District of Columbia with 9,014 circumstances and a price of 1,298. In 2018, the variable used to identify county was full for 95% of circumstances in Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, and South Dakota. See Table 10 for age-specific circumstances and rates and Tables 3�5 for whole and sexspecific circumstances and rates. Chlamydia - Reported Cases and Rates of Reported Cases Among Females Aged 15�24 Years by Age, United States, 2014�2018 Cases Ages 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Total 2014 20,096 38,507 58,940 87,040 98,711 98,480 94,204 82,581 seventy one,535 fifty nine,076 709,one hundred seventy 2015 19,643 37,786 60,149 89,481 100,878 99,861 95,927 84,740 73,686 sixty two,558 724,709 2016 19,704 39,066 61,406 93,174 103,289 100,524 96,723 84,813 73,054 63,274 735,027 2017 20,247 40,681 sixty five,496 98,907 111,959 107,397 100,a hundred and sixty 86,678 seventy five,046 sixty four,769 771,340 2018 19,518 40,001 sixty six,329 one hundred and one,783 114,004 a hundred and ten,939 102,127 86,274 73,729 sixty four,663 779,367 2014 987. Chlamydia - Reported Cases and Rates of Reported Cases Among Males Aged 15�24 Years by Age, United States, 2014�2018 Cases Ages 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Total 2014 3,921 eight,813 15,276 21,737 28,161 32,581 34,115 33,793 31,260 28,055 237,712 2015 3,773 9,286 sixteen,244 23,232 30,240 34,896 36,611 35,981 33,768 31,057 255,088 2016 four,074 9,997 17,690 25,214 32,924 37,391 38,743 37,628 35,462 32,633 271,756 2017 four,a hundred and forty four 10,782 19,665 28,502 36,771 41,038 42,212 40,515 37,373 34,833 295,835 2018 four,088 10,573 19,972 30,184 38,765 43,337 43,800 41,619 38,096 35,676 306,a hundred and ten 2014 184. Total includes circumstances reported by the District of Columbia with four,240 circumstances and a price of 611. In 2018, the variable used to identify county was full for 95% of circumstances in Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, and South Dakota. See Table 21 for age-specific circumstances and rates and Tables 14�16 for whole and sex-specific circumstances and rates. Gonorrhea - Reported Cases and Rates of Reported Cases Among Females Aged 15�24 Years by Age, United States, 2014�2018 Cases Ages 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Total 2014 3,487 6,188 eight,830 12,196 thirteen,698 thirteen,801 thirteen,324 12,031 10,746 9,427 103,728 2015 3,477 6,090 9,117 12,769 14,024 thirteen,835 thirteen,331 12,597 eleven,271 10,071 106,582 2016 3,678 6,573 9,855 14,304 15,300 14,657 14,149 thirteen,540 12,245 eleven,339 115,640 2017 3,976 7,600 eleven,479 sixteen,429 18,089 sixteen,950 15,968 14,933 14,046 12,681 132,151 2018 3,750 6,921 eleven,047 sixteen,679 18,231 17,477 sixteen,556 14,912 thirteen,670 thirteen,048 132,291 2014 171. Gonorrhea - Reported Cases and Rates of Reported Cases Among Males Aged 15�24 Years by Age, United States, 2014�2018 Cases Ages 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Total 2014 1,169 2,427 four,250 7,001 9,134 10,684 eleven,498 eleven,707 eleven,675 eleven,one hundred fifty eighty,695 2015 1,222 2,645 four,825 7,778 9,931 eleven,394 12,668 thirteen,171 thirteen,085 12,971 89,690 2016 1,294 3,078 5,504 eight,945 eleven,495 12,949 14,178 14,754 15,060 15,026 102,283 2017 1,335 3,374 6,301 10,482 thirteen,426 15,085 15,985 sixteen,484 sixteen,663 sixteen,819 115,954 2018 1,333 3,189 6,185 10,356 thirteen,551 15,280 sixteen,089 sixteen,421 sixteen,968 17,055 116,427 2014 fifty four. Total includes circumstances reported by the District of Columbia with 279 circumstances and a price of 40. Cases reported as congenitally-acquired syphilis (congenital syphilis) could be present in Table 40. See Table 34 for age-specific circumstances and rates and Tables 27�29 for whole and sex-specific circumstances and rates. Primary and secondary syphilis reported among kids aged 0�4 may symbolize the misclassification of congenitally-acquired syphilis. During 2014�2017, circumstances on this category embrace circumstances classified as late latent syphilis and late syphilis with medical manifestations. Total includes circumstances reported by the District of Columbia with zero circumstances and a price of zero. Congenital Syphilis - Reported Cases and Rates of Reported Cases* by Year of Birth and Race/ Hispanic Ethnicity of Mother, United States, 2014�2018 American Indians/Alaska Natives Year of Birth 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Cases 5 four 12 14 29 Rates thirteen. The relative standard errors for estimates 100,000�299,999 are from 23% to 19%; 300,000� 599,999 are from 19% to 16%; 600,000�999,999 are from 16% to 13%; and 1,000,000�5,000,000 are from 13% to 7%. Included among the dependencies, possessions, and impartial nations are Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands. Selected tables and figures embrace knowledge from these entities, recognized as territories of the United States; however, nearly all of of} national case counts and rates exclude knowledge from these territories. This monthly exhausting copy reporting form was used throughout 1984�2002 to report abstract knowledge for major and secondary (P&S) syphilis and early latent syphilis by county and state. Note: Chlamydial infection turned a nationally notifiable condition in 1995 and the form was modified to help reporting of chlamydia that 12 months. This annual exhausting copy form was used throughout 1981�2002 to report abstract knowledge for P&S syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia by age, race, sex, and supply (public versus private) for all 50 states, seven large cities (Baltimore, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and the District of Columbia), and territories of the United States. Note: Chlamydial infection turned a nationally notifiable condition in 1995, and the form was modified to help reporting of chlamydia that 12 months. This case-specific exhausting copy form was first utilized in 1983 and continues to be used to report detailed case-specific knowledge for congenital syphilis in some areas. National Electronic Telecommunications System for Surveillance As of December 31, 2003, all 50 states and the District of Columbia transformed from abstract exhausting copy reporting to digital submission of line-listed. Though most of these areas report congenital syphilis and syphilitic stillbirths electronically, 9 areas relied upon exhausting copy varieties for reporting congenital syphilis and syphilitic stillbirths in 2018. The knowledge presented in the figures and tables on this report supersede these in all earlier publications. The latest obtainable 12 months for population estimates at the time this report was written was 2017. The 2018 rates by age and sex for American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and the Virgin Islands have been calculated utilizing the latest population estimates obtainable at: factfinder. Rates have been grouped and displayed in four categories-zero circumstances and tertiles-in Figure 38. Previous publications presented congenital syphilis rates per 100,000 population throughout 1941�1994 and rates for circumstances identified at younger than 1 12 months of age per 100,000 stay births throughout 1995� 2005. To allow for developments in congenital syphilis rates to be compared for the interval of 1941 via 2018, stay births now are used because the denominator for congenital syphilis and case counts are no longer restricted to these identified throughout the first 12 months of life. Rates of congenital syphilis for 1963 via 1988 have been calculated by using published stay start knowledge. Thus, comparisons of case numbers and rates between jurisdictions must be interpreted with warning. However, end result of|as a end result of} case definitions and surveillance activities inside a given area remain relatively stable over time, developments must be minimally affected by these variations. Data assortment for chlamydia began in 1984 and chlamydia was made nationally notifiable in 1995; however, chlamydia was not reportable in all 50 states and the District of Columbia until 2000. Data assortment for gonorrhea, syphilis, and chancroid began in 1941; however, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chancroid turned nationally notifiable in 1944. If there are quantity of} principal cities, the names of the second largest and third largest principal cities seem in the title so as of descending population measurement. Additionally, relative rankings of case counts by counties additionally be} impacted by completeness of the variable used to identify county. Table A1 reviews the percentage of circumstances reported with lacking county information in every state for P&S syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. County Figures four, 17, and 38 show county-level maps with rates of reported circumstances of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and P&S syphilis, respectively. As a consequence, price knowledge presented on this report underestimate actual case incidence in these population categories by a roughly related proportion to the overall proportion of circumstances with missing/unknown race and Hispanic ethnicity. Rate ratios are calculated as the rate of reported gonorrhea circumstances per 100,000 for a given racial or ethnic minority population divided by the rate of reported gonorrhea circumstances per 100,000 population for Whites. Any population with a decrease price of reported circumstances of gonorrhea than the White population could have a price ratio of lower than 1:1. The counts presented on this report are summations of all valid knowledge reported in reporting 12 months 2018. As a end result, price knowledge may be} stratified by quantity of} of these variables replicate rates based mostly on reported knowledge only; warning must be utilized in decoding specific price knowledge points as these may underestimate reported case incidence by race/Hispanic ethnicity the exclusion of circumstances lacking these essential demographic knowledge. Figures 9, 10, 23, and 24 show developments in the proportion of circumstances reported in 2018 categorized by reporting supply. Categories displayed differ throughout these figures and embrace the five most commonly reported sources for the population included in the determine, together with developments for all different reporting sources mixed into the "All Other" category, and developments in the proportion of circumstances with unknown reporting supply.

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    A reserve officer is a peace officer whereas engaged in the efficiency of his or her duties whose authority shall be limited to the authority granted by his or her authorizing company. Are subject to specific restrictions and necessities of the division as outlined in the Denver Police Department Operations Manual. They are required to comply with all lawful orders or instructions from members of the Classified Service. Will solely work assignments accredited by their chain of command at their assignment or by the Reserve Coordinator. Will put on, on each sleeves of their long-sleeved shirt, short-sleeved shirt, sweater, raincoat, summer time jacket and winter coat the accredited reserve emblem (patch). Are suitable (non-recruit reserve officers) to work special event assignments such as parades, motorcades, etc. The major focus shall be on traffic direction and crowd administration, not calls for service. Applications for advancement shall be evaluated on a case-by-case foundation and require approval of the Chief of Police (or designee). Probationary reserve officers shall be assigned to a patrol district and may work in any uniform capability. They shall be assigned with a full-time officer as a part of} a two-officer car and any type of name could also be} assigned. On a case-by-case foundation, the Chief of Police (or designee) may authorize retired or retiring Denver police officers an instantaneous appointment to this status. Reserve officers with applicable authorization can work in any capability, together with assignments exterior of patrol. Following five years (960 hours) of passable service, or prior service as a full-time Denver police officer, reserve officers may apply via the chain of command to the Chief of Police for authorization to work a solo assignment. The Chief of Police may (at his/her discretion) require further coaching or hours of service before authorizing this status. Reserve officers will certain that|be sure that} their conduct complies with the operations manual, the Reserve Police Unit and the mission, imaginative and prescient and values of the Denver Police Department. Substandard efficiency or violation of guidelines and rules may lead to instant dismissal from the reserve drive. District Reserve Coordinators, facet of} their commander, will resolve casual discipline and efficiency issues and provide documentation to the Reserve Unit Administrator. Reserve Program efficiency issues and progressive discipline will vary as follows: Oral Reprimand Written Reprimand (11) Dismissal Nothing in this policy precludes the traditional investigation of formal circumstances by the Internal Affairs Bureau. Reserve officers are required to qualify with their accredited sidearm the same as regular Denver police officers, with the next exceptions as it pertains to discipline for failure to shoot: 1. May be required to work up to as} 112 hours per month during reserve academy coaching and eighty hours per month during subject coaching (Police Training Program). Upon completion of reserve academy coaching, shall be assigned to a patrol district on a semipermanent foundation. Requests for transfer have to be submitted via this system administration chain of command. Upon profitable completion of the Police Training Program, should work a minimum of two district patrol shifts (at least sixteen hours total) per month to be retained by the Reserve Police Unit. Requests to work any patrol shift lower than eight hours in period have to be pre-approved by a District Reserve Coordinator. These requests have to be submitted in writing to and accredited by the Reserve Unit Administrator. This consists of all hours worked on required district assignments, persevering with training, handgun qualification, courtroom, etc. All reserve hours shall be entered underneath the "Reserve Hrs Wrkd" TeleStaff work code. Are required to attend a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours of departmentally accredited Continuing Education Program lessons every calendar yr, and any other required obligatory coaching. At least twelve (12) of the twenty-four (24) hour coaching minimum shall be in designated abilities coaching (arrest management, driving, and firearms). Of the twelve (12) hour minimum abilities coaching, officers should complete one (1) hour of training in every category. Any employment based mostly on these powers or authority or the suggestion of powers or authority is unacceptable and shall be grounds for dismissal. As a full time, half time or reserve regulation enforcement officer for one more jurisdiction. That would intervene with their attendance in the reserve academy or completing reserve unit hourly necessities. The selection process is carried out via the office of the Deputy Chief of Operations with final selection to be accredited by the Chief of Police (or designee). Drug testing Applicants have to have} an acceptable criminal historical past and credit report. Applicants shall be examined consistent with with} the requirements of the Denver Civil Service Commission for full time entry degree police officers except for the video oral examination (written examination, physical agility examination, psychological testing, medical screening, drug testing, polygraph examination and background investigation). Do not meet the conditions of the Executive Director of Public Safety for appointment as a special police officer. Fire Investigators assigned to the Fire Investigation Unit are Denver Fire Department Technicians. They are empowered to investigate the next: fires, decrease order explosions, false fireplace alarms, and the construction, placement, or ignition of incendiary units. Should they not be instantly available due to of} working another fireplace investigation, police division personnel will safety of the scene till the arrival of a fireplace investigator. Fire investigators will conduct a scene investigation and doc all pertinent facts. In these circumstances, Denver Police investigating officers will coordinate with Denver Fire Department fireplace investigators to conduct a joint investigation. The scene shall be secured and all evidence preserved till fireplace investigators arrive to doc the scene and collect available evidence. Fire investigators shall be liable for the chain of evidence and can transport all evidence to the Denver Police Department Property Management Section to be processed by the Forensics and Evidence Division. The Denver Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation have to be notified in each fire-bombing incident. The Chief of the Denver Fire Department may request help from the Major Crimes Division or district detectives in conducting fireplace investigations. This request shall be made via the chain of command, by way of the Chief of the Denver Police Department, or the suitable designee. Supervisors may request via Denver 911 direction or help from the Bomb Unit and/or Explosive Detection K-9 unit. Police personnel receiving info on a bomb threat will instantly notify Denver 911. Denver 911 will instantly dispatch precinct officers and a police district supervisor to the scene. Upon arriving at the scene, police personnel will park their autos at a secure distance from the realm involved. Police personnel will assistance of} with an individual in charge of|in command of|in management of} the building property to decide the advisability of evacuation. When on the premises of Denver Public School amenities, the particular person in charge of|in command of|in management of} the facility should be contacted to decide the advisability of evacuation. Officers will comply with his/her determination, unless a police supervisor has evidence to indicate instant evacuation is really helpful. A search of the building should be strongly really helpful to the particular person the premises. A search of any building should be carried out by those who have management over the premises or are most acquainted with the environment, and who could determine a suspicious package or object. A police supervisor or designated officers may help in a search if requested by the particular person in charge of|in command of|in management of} the premises. Officers shall be accompanied by the particular person in charge of|in command of|in management of} the premises (or his/her representative) to eliminate any risk of oversight. A police supervisor will decide if a search should be made by non-uniformed personnel to cut back any danger of panic by building occupants. The victim shall be listed as the particular person the bomb threat is directed towards or the particular person receiving the threat. Denver 911 personnel who receive a bomb threat will have a uniformed officer reply to the communications heart to complete a report. An officer shall be dispatched to the origination point to attempt to determine the suspect(s).


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